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Peter has forensic political antennae.

Lord Bruce Grocott, PPS to Tony Blair 1994 - 2001, Govt Chief Whip in the HouseLords 2002 - 2008

3rd week running and not ONE letter to the papers!! Unbelievable!! Genius strategy!!

An MP who came to me with a potential bad news story.

..truly transformational…the improvement is mind-blowing..

A well known Conservative MP who is also in great demand as a speaker.

Ignore the boring ‘corporate’ picture on his website. Peter is really edgy and thought-provoking.

Group DirectorUK PLC

Peter Botting is a fluent, gregarious and energetic campaigner. From my time working alongside him at the heart of a national campaign, I quickly came to appreciate his keen sense of big picture politics and strategy. A strong communicator, Peter’s work took him daily along paths spanning the political spectrum, demonstrating clear big tent skills.

Dr Lee Rotherham

You were brilliant.

CEO, a UK PLC and Board membera FTSE 250 company

I haven’t been spoken to with such refreshing honesty in 15 years. I probably haven’t learnt that much, that quickly in 15 years either.

CEOa Lloyds insurer

…an exceptional training session…

A serial FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 Board member

…We won big because we – you – got Labour on board. Your positive, appealing personality was crucial to those negotiations…

Matthew ElliottNO2AV Campaign Director

Peter is results focused, a good communicator, works very well at senior level and is easy to work with. An excellent coach for top level presentations. Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Angela Bowland, Vice PresidentStrategy & Marketing at CSC.

You were perfect!

CEO, UK divisiona multinational PLC

Thank you! I thought it was a tremendous event, brilliant turnout and fantastic location. And what an award, it’s massive and a real honour to have been nominated never mind win so thank you again for organising such a great initiative.

Mark TownsendHome Affairs EditorThe Observer (talking about the Human Trafficking Media Awards which I organised - held on the 17th October 2011.)

There are 10-15 Conservative MPs – including me – who are only here because you gave us that little bit extra. Maybe 10%. Or 15%. Or 5%. The edge needed to win. The edge that took us from good to winning. You should shout about it more.

Conservative MP - 2010 intake

I’ve just watched The King’s Speech with my wife, and I just wanted to say thank you for all the help and pep talks you’ve given me. I really appreciate it.

Well known Westminster figure.

Peter smells the mood on the streets better than any focus group!

Conservative MP

One of the best communicators in the land!

Greg SmithLondon Councillor and Conservative Political Operative

Peter is in the top rank of speechwriters worldwide, especially if the speech will receive extensive media coverage. He is the go-to guy for an inspiring,memorable, and fresh speech that will stand out…a speech individually tailored to each client that will be authentic and effective.”

John ShoskySpeechwriter in three U.S. presidential administrations and CEO of Roncalli Communications, Alexandria, Virginia USA.

the public relations guru Peter Botting

The Independent

Have you seen the King’s Speech? It’s pure Botting!!!

C - Award winning London Barrister

Hi Peter, – I don’t know if you remember me – you gave me some interview coaching last year for law training contract interviews. I just wanted to let you know that I recently obtained a training contract with Charles Russell in London and to thank you for all your help and advice last year; it made a huge difference to the way I approached interviews and the whole application process in general. It really gave me the confidence to sell myself and to use my experiences to my advantage. I definitely couldn’t’ve done it without you, I really appreciate all your advice and insight, thank you very much! Hope you’re well.

Bethan Richards

Thanks for your work today, impressive and appreciated.

Chief ExecutiveUK Trade Organisation - after a message facilitation session with some very diverse members and opinion

Thanks Peter – every penny worth it!

J - Conservative MP


Guido FawkesOrder Order

the media relations guru Peter Botting

The Times

an incredibly stubborn and demanding coach

I only applied for one seat. I was selected. Fought the seat. And won. Peter helped me from before the PAB. Invaluable

Conservative MP

I never dreamed that one short speech would result in my being on national TV just 3 days later. Thank you!

Directora Lloyds Broker

I love giving speeches now.

Head of a very well known Westminster based organisation

Without you I would not be here..

P - Conservative MP

Peter Botting was a formidable force in helping me get selected and then elected to Parliament. Working with Peter was an excellent experience in learning how to be a better speaker and presenter. I still use the things that he taught me in my everyday life as well as my professional life. Peter is a pleasure to work with all around. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Peter provides excellent advice on how to assess one’s strengths and weaknesses, to craft an appropriate message and how best to communicate it. Well worth the investment!” Great Results, Personable, Expert

Peter is a great guy. Hard-working, shrewd, and he has had some real campaigning successes. Good to have a pint with, too.

Paul Abbott, Senior Researcher to Robert Halfon MP

Botting is a legend. No-one comes more highly recommended by me in this specialist area.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

Peter is a great professional and a terrific person – he is very easy to work with and I would strongly recommend his services.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

You gave my brother THAT grin!

A client's brother - who is now a career and personal development client.

Thank you for all your help and support. Without you I would not be here.

S - Conservative MP

Peter Botting, the media relations expert.

The Telegraph

I have been working with Peter and benefiting from his knowledge and skills for nearly 10 years. He has helped me with general communication skills, presentations and speeches at all the key stages in my career – all of which have been pivotal to my personal professional development which has brought me to a senior managernent level within a German, M-DAX listed PLC. Although we have often worked face to face, he is always available on the phone and by email and is always happy to work evenings or weekends – often at very short notice – which is exactly when I need him!

I can wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend him to anyone who takes their professional and personal development seriously.

Group Company Secretary - German PLC

I have just given the performance of my life. You increased my performance within a week ten fold.

M - Conservative Parliamentary Candidate

I really enjoy working with Peter because he took the time to understand our company, my role and my department and had a real business background too.

Peter Peiffer, International HR Development ManagerSAP

Peter is exactly the kind of guy you want on your side. His genuine, friendly and open approach have made him a favourite amongst Labour politicians voting No to AV – quite an achievement for a Conservative Party campaigner!

Peter is the main architect of the deep co-operation between Conservatives and Labour people on the referendum’s No side, largely thanks to his shrewd understanding of people and sensitivity to the boundaries that lie between the two cultures that define mainstream British politics. I have also been impressed by the success of his work with people from a minority background. On the No campaign, as in his work on the campaign against people trafficking, Peter’s deep committment to these causes shines through in all of his dealings with everyone, both within the team and without.

He is an excellent team worker and takes the time to encourage others and make positive suggestions to maintain forward momentum. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a very creative campaigner and great fun to work with.

Peter is a great asset when pulling together pitches & speeches. He will work with you to get to the nub of the issue, understand your USP and help design a communications strategy that links the two together to form a bomb proof presentation. I would happily recommend Peter and will use his skills again.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

R - Conservative Parliamentary Candidate

..a veteran political consultant with extensive contacts among Conservative backbenchers..

Dan HodgesNew Statesman

Thanks a million Peter – or should I say $400 million?

Rainer Hettinger from Siemens Nixdorf - after he won a large US contract

Cost is not my favourite word, but you are my favourite trainer!

MDa leading London investment bank after winning a £200 million pitch.

After our session, I initially felt like hiding in a dark room for several days. But instead, I did as I was told and did my homework. Good decision. I have never experienced any training as powerful. I cannot thank you enough.

Managing Directora world-famous British bank.

A top man with the ability to get the message over quickly and to help the client do the same.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

B - Conservative MP

Peter is a truly excellent guy. I can say that as a direct result of my one day session with him, my presentational skills leapt immeasurably, whilst the content of my profile and speeches became coherent and relevant to the audiences I was addressing. I can be certain that my political career has a sound foundation based almost entirely on Peter’s input and help.
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

M - Conservative MP

Honestly, I don’t think I would have been able to make such a drastic change without your pep talk which challenged me and made me take stock and face reality.”

“I have now met an amazing man, I did not intend to … but not much I can do now!! So I’m in love and feel like a teenager all over again! I have also started an awesome new project at work, so very excited about that – it’s all your fault you know!

K - Psychotherapist

I have known Peter since before he was invited to start the Getting Selected courses for Conservative Candidates in 2003. From my time working in the Conservative Party I still enjoy wide access to politicians and candidates and many have used Peter’s skills in presentation training and speech-writing. Many politicians are understandably modest – while in office – about acknowledging external assistance received. However, I know many politicians who value his discretion, robust and honest advice and obvious expertise. Discretion, trust and brutal honesty are essential, yet VERY rare, characteristics in politics. Plus, he is good!

Laura Clark, formerly Business Relations ManagerThe Conservative Party.

Peter is frank and honest and his approach certainly achieved goals beyond my high expectations. Anybody hiring Peter will not be disappointed. What I find amazing is that the detail he gave still lasts with me after more than a year. Most courses etc I have been on I have forgotten their points after a few hours!
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

S - Conservative MP

Any graduate trying to secure a training contract with the top city law firms will know the competition is tougher than ever this year. The number of applicants has soared even as contracts have become scarce. It’s not uncommon for a firm to interview 250 applicants for 50 places.

For my top-choice firm I knew I had to do something special. In the week prior to I-day, Peter gave me two telephone interviews. The first took me to pieces: it showed me all the gaps in my knowledge and the inadequacies in what I’d genuinely thought was my in-depth preparation. I had to go away and do some serious work.

By the end of the second interview I felt like I could handle whatever trick questions a panel of partners could throw at me. I knew exactly what I wanted to say, what was special about me and how to get that across to the interviewer. The confidence he gave me was invaluable. The firm offered me full sponsorship and a contract within a week. I really can’t recommend him enough.

Ghislaine Lawless 2.1 English Literature - BristolAshurst

A masters at the College of Europe, the most prestigious higher education institution specialized in European studies, had been my objective ever since doing an internship in Brussels during my first year of University.

Having to face roughly 4000 other applicants from all over Europe for 370 places, I knew that my 2.1 in International Relations from Royal Holloway was not sufficient to beat the competition and that I had to go the extra mile.

For this reason, I contacted Peter, who used his experience to help me draft my CV, my personal statement and to refine my interview skills.

When I finally got the letter confirming my place at the College, I knew that Peter’s professional touch on my application and his impact on my interview skills had been fundamental to my success. I truly cannot thank him enough and I would strongly recommend anyone in my position to take full advantage of his services.

Edoardo Troina - MA Candidate, CollegeEurope - Natolin

After recently graduating from a Russell group university I knew what direction I wanted to go in but was uncertain how to get there. I had got the experience but didn’t know how to present this. Peter completely re-worked my CV and covering letter into a far more concise format that targeted exactly what employers wanted. In addition Peter prepared me for interviews and gave me a huge amount more confidence for when I found myself in that situation. Within only a few weeks I had secured the summer internship and graduate job that I wanted. I cannot recommend Peter’s comprehensive service enough.

Simon Brown

Nailed it! 🙂 Thank you so much for your work!!


Peter! I just wanted to tell you the College of Europe contacted me to say they want to give me the full scholarship …You’re the first person to know … wanted to say thanks again, your advice really helped and has helped at work generally too!


…thought you might like to know that I’ve had my job at xxx confirmed … Anyhow I just want to say “thank you” again! Without your help I would have crashed and burned at the interview and would never have got this wonderful opportunity.


I always thought that political consultants were a waste of money. Until I met Peter. Who is worth his weight in gold. I cannot stop thinking about what he told me – and I thought I knew my stuff.

A Conservative Party Agent

Peter has provided me with invaluable support and guidance as Parlimentary Candidate. I enjoyed working with him on preparation for interviews, speech-making and media performances. His straight-talking manner, relevant advice- based on years of experience-and genuine desire to really help made all the difference to the results I got. Thanks Peter.

S. Parliamentary Candidate.

“My interview was ace. I couldn’t have done that without you!”

A graduate after getting his first "grown up" job.

The genius political consultant Peter Botting

You are the most discreet person I know. Never mind in Westminster – anywhere.

Leading Westminster figure

my PAB reports … were all extremely positive! I blame you.

A Parliamentary Candidate

My interview at the PAB was so much better for doing the storyboards and I was well prepared for the essays. I’m feeling better about the interview too because of this prep work

A Parliamentary Candidate

Hi Peter
Thank you again for your help in getting me through the Parliamentary Assessment Board and getting selected for a seat first time of asking. So many potential candidates have to tear around the country repeating that process before perhaps securing a winnable seat. I know that I would not have done anywhere near so well if it wasn’t for you.

Years ago I was told that like when taking medication, it was better to respond than to react. Building up an armoury of stories and responses helped me do just that, responding in a way that allowed me to answer the unasked questions as well rather than simply batting back the original question. The key lesson for me was to have succinct responses that go beyond simple platitudes.

The simple question “Why do you want to be an MP?” has started a process across my borough of ensuring that our local council candidates each have a positive vision to share rather than simply to beat the other guy. The former leads to the latter but follows a different, more productive path.

You certainly put me through my paces but by the time of the interviews I felt ready for pretty much anything.


I look forward to seeing you soon.

Paul Scully. Conservative PPC Sutton and Cheam

“Peter Botting is a force of nature. The guy has an uncanny ability when he speaks to hold a room in the palm of his hand and to have people hang on his every word.

When you screw up, he tells you and he tells you straight. But he tells you in such a constructive way that you want to hug him with thanks after he’s given you a metaphorical clip round the ear. My students love him. He is consistently among our highest ranked and most popular speakers. And once my students have moved on from YBF, they readily engage Peter on their own account.

He’s quite simply the best in the business, bar none”.

Donal Blaney, Chief Executivethe Young Britons' Foundation

“Peter is the walking ‘I Ching’ of campaigns, messaging and communications strategy. If you aren’t hiring and listening to Peter Botting – the chances are, you’re wrong.”

Raheem Kassam, Editorthe The Commentator

“I went to Peter for advice on how to ‘win the AV Debate’ in my constituency at a public meeting that was being held. Peter’s advice was excellent, thorough and precise. Not only did he organise a brief for me but he played a crucial role in the larger national campaign as time progressed. We have stayed in touch ever since and I would highly recommend Peter as a Communications Professional for anyone who needs his services.”

Craig Whittaker, Member of Parliament for Calder Valley

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Peter for a few years now, initially as a friend, then as an exceptional boss and again now as a friend, mentor and role model. I love Peter’s infectious enthusiasm for any project or problem, he’s always ready to put all his energy and stamina into getting something sorted and the job done. In a professional capacity he brings a hell of a lot to any table, he’s top of his field and really does get results. As of yet, he’s one of the most influential, professional and awe-inspiring guy I have had the pleasure to come across. If I hadn’t met Peter, followed his advice (of sorts) and listened to his self taught wisdom, I wouldn’t be where I am today. – Thanks boss!”

Liam Atkins

“Peter’s immediate warmth puts you at your ease from the start. He sees the potential in just about everyone, and helps you to find new ways to communicate to any audience – small, large, no matter how challenging. He has an ability to shape the message to make it hit home first time, and he understands the importance of ‘short and to the point’! Peter is also an outstanding grassroots campaigner, quickly gets to grips with issues and thinks beyond the obvious. Finally, Peter tells you how it really is. Publicly loyal and discreet, in private he will offer advice that may not be what you want to hear, but may save you a far worse fate if ignored. He’s one to have on your team.”

David Gold

“Apart from Peter’s vast array of skills in so many diverse areas, his inherent traits are what uniquely differentiate Peter. Outside of his aptitude and expertise, Peter’s integrity, honesty, above-reproach character, and above all, charm and charisma are traits that characterise Peter and place him well above his peers. I am thankful for Peter’s friendship over the years, and even being on another continent, Peter continues to add value to my personal and work success. Peter has left an indelible mark on my life and anyone who has the pleasure of working with Peter, or befriending him, will very soon fall into the category of admirers who feel the impact of his persona in their immediate gains and successes. His astute and uncanny abilities to assess each person’s unique situation, plan, strategise, and action, will leave you confidently emboldened and ready for any challenge.”

Gavin Grobler

“Peter revolutionised my communication style! He helped me to present myself and to use my life narrative as an effective communication tool. He is harsh but fair. If your style needs a shake up then Peter is your man.”

Jo Valentine

“Peter has an excellent wealth of political and campaigning knowledge and was a great source of information when it came to tackling problems negotiating with politicians and community leaders. Peter greatest strength is his ability to move seamlessly through a campaign always using the right tone and language for formal speeches, debates, editorials and press releases. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone who is looking for a communications strategy to maximise their potential in a tough economic climate.”

Andrew HewittLabour Activist/Campaigner

“I worked with Peter on the No to AV referendum campaign and was impressed at his ability to work with people from so many different political backgrounds. He was a great asset to the team and always willing to lend a hand. Peter also has a good track record of helping Conservative candidates with their speeches, presentations and helping them to craft their message. I have found his help, advice and eye for detail invaluable.”

Theodora Clarke

You were absolutely instrumental in my selection and election

Conservative MP - 2005 Intake

“I’ve worked with Peter over a prolonged period to help shape my thinking in both local and national political campaigns. Peter is a great and social person to be around; is a valuable sounding board and a highly effective communications professional.”

Cllr Brian Connell

You have a special ability for helping me figure out good ideas.

Senior ExecutiveGlobal PLC

Peter was invited to present to 25 of the Prime Minister’s Big Society Award winners on how to communicate more effectively.

He provided original and lucid insights on how to present ideas in a compelling, fresh way to a diverse range of audiences. Peter proved to be a highly engaging and hugely charismatic speaker and generated universally positive feedback.

Steve Moore, Chief ExecutiveBig Society Network

Thank You! I think the thing that helped me the most in what you taught me was to not “witter on” 🙂

Parliamentary Candidate

Thanks again for an exhilarating day yesterday! I can’t remember the last time someone told me I was “crap”!

President of a very well known Global Brand

He told me to use more conditioner! Unbelievable! But I did it – and I wore the outfit he recommended! It worked!

Parliamentary Candidate

“Peter is an outstanding speaker, with a wealth of experience and insight. Our conference attendees were delighted to learn from someone at the very top of their field.”

Anton Howes, DirectorLiberty League

Working with Peter on a speech is a bit like putting a TV show together – it gets tighter and tighter and the collaboration makes the end result extremely focused. Absolutely worth his rates. Especially when you see the after hours stuff he adds in!

Parliamentary Candidate

He is a magician! I thought I was good. He told me I wasn’t. Showed my why I wasn’t. Then he made me good. I passed!

Parliamentary candidate

I would not have passed the PAB without him!

Parliamentary Candidate

“Of course he is not cheap. That’s because he gets results.”

Memberthe Conservative Party Board.

I knew without question that I’d picked the right coach. He was doing just what I’d asked him to do… Peter’s seismic approach to speaker coaching can make you feel as if there’s earth moving under that once-stable place you were standing. You can view that as a danger, something outside your control, and run away from it. Or you can view it as the early rumblings of your own power as a speaker, and run toward it.

Denise GravelineWashington PR Woman of the Year Winner and TEDMED Coach who served on the White House Council on WomenThe Eloquent Woman / Don't Get CaughtWashington, D.C.

As a volunteer on the campaign team for Douglas Hansen-Luke, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Walsall North, I attended a strategy day led by Peter Botting.

From the outset Peter engaged everyone, and drew on his wealth of experience to spark some lateral thinking for how the campaign could be brought to the professional standard he knew was necessary for success.

The organisation was slick and he managed to extract contributions from even the most reserved members of the team.
At the end of the day I left with a myriad of fresh ideas and tasks to instantly get to work on, and found Peter very easy to work with and talk to.”

Harry W Suffield

“You would have been so proud of me!”

A Conservative MP after he had been selected

“You are very significantly responsible for my refocusing myself and stopping me being a prat”

A Conservative MP

Thanks to Petter Botting’s excellent interview coaching I am a more confident and outgoing individual, looking the part. This wouldn’t have been possible without Peter truthfully pointing out my strengths and weaknesses. If you are looking for someone at the top of his game to put you on the right track whether its in a political campaign, business advice or with your career then Peter is your man.

Stephen HoffmanParliamentary Researcher for David Davies, MP for Monmouth.

Having recently left university with little experience outside of academia, the prospect of job searching and interviews, in what is being described as one of the toughest times for young people to do so, filled me with dread. Having got myself a telephone interview with one of the big four audit firms, I went to Peter to pre-emptively show me where I was likely to go wrong.

In just one day he was able to tear down my hesitant, textbook approach to answering questions and really help build and convey the unique character and skills I should be emphasising, while highlighting the less desirable aspects of my responses.

Now, having gone through all the phases of the graduate programme application, I have been told I have a position within the company. That was the first job interview I have ever attended. Not a bad hit rate, and I have no doubt that it is predominantly down to Peter.

Ben Scully

Peter was an OUTSTANDING and no-nonsense coach. He showed me how to sell my experience at an interview. The interview. For THAT job. Investing in Peter’s coaching obviously worked because I was successful and am absolutely over the moon with my new role. He also guided me through the process of negotiating my salary up which saw an increase of over 35%. I would highly recommend using Peter if you are seeking a new role.

Head of Public AffairsFTSE 100 company.

I passed my PAB! I can’t believe it! It VERY much paid off coming to you – thank you so much for all your help. It was invaluable!

Aspiring MP

I soon came to realise that I wasn’t succeeding in graduate consulting interviews and needed help. Seeing Peter was the key. He took an in-depth look at my interview technique and together, we were able to build successful strategies to deal with anything I encountered during my interviews. With Peter’s help, I realised how best to come across and how to avoid the various pitfalls and traps of interviews. Needless to say, from over five thousand applicants I was offered one of twenty places at a top 3 consulting firm and couldn’t be happier. Without Peter’s help, it’s unlikely I would have made it through the first round. I would recommend Peter to any graduate who wants to achieve their very best in their interviews.


Peter was the inaugural speaker of our roundtable programme and his penetrative insights into the world of political communications were fascinating. He deftly commanded the room, moving from witty anecdotes to engaging debating points, meaning all who attended left feeling both entertained and educated. All in all, he has set the bar very high!

Adam HawksbeeEvents SecretarySheffield University Politics Society

Dear Peter

I have good news – I passed the PAB! I just received the confirmation letter. Many thanks for your help – I could not have passed without your help.


Conservative activist on the Parliamentary Candidates List

Thanks Peter. You’re not cheap, but you’re very good!

MD of a UK PA Consultancy

“Peter introduced a lively element to our conference in a way that went above and beyond what was expected. In addition to making everyone present stop and think about how they presented themselves in various situations, he generated a good amount of interest on social media as people shared their thoughts on what he had to say (it was all positive!). Having seen training delivered before, I can safely say Peter exceeds what is delivered by many other trainers and passes on lessons that are highly valuable for interviews.”

Luke Springthorpe

One of the best guys in the business and also one of the nicest.

Peter Bingle

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