New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions. The process when we all lie to ourselves.

Making New Year Resolutions is when we all turn into politicians – making promises to ourselves that we firmly believe we will keep. Until the same time next year, or even in summer – or even earlier, when we realize that we haven’t come close. In which case, there is always next year! 🙂

Here is my take on some of the top New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Lose weight. My six pack has been in hiding since I was 18. Like everyone else in the UK, I want to lose weight. But as a superb friend told me recently “Everyone in the UK wants to lose weight! Get over yourself. Stay healthy, do more exercise, eat less and better – but don’t freak out about it!” Nothing to add really.
  2. Getting Organized. I am generally just happy I can find my desk. I need to know where the important stuff is and this year I need to bin stuff that clutter or confuse my head, my thinking, my work or my emotions. Keep it simple, Old Man!
  3. Spend More Time with Family. Hmmm. I spend 1-2 days every week with my aunt – which is cool. Will increase that or at least ensure that 1-2 becomes 2. On the other hand, like most people, I have some family I am quite happy to spend even less time with. Will work on that too. I have a bunch of amazing family and cousins – particularly in Ireland. Should definitely get over there more often this year to see them – seems I have only been there for funerals recently. Not good. I also need to spend more time with my friends in the UK and Germany!
  4. Spend Less, Save More. Well, that’s easily said. I guess what I am going to do is buy less but buy quality – whether it is food (see Lose weight!), clothes or stuff for the home or office. Oh, and I plan to work even harder for those who I like, who pay well and who pay punctually and work less for the rest.
  5. Enjoy Life. I plan on laughing much more, wearing suits far less often and getting out in the fresh air much more – far away from my multiple electronic bleeping, ringing things. They may all be Apple products but too much is too much.
  6. Getting/Staying Fit and Healthy. I have a plan. Which I have already started. Four or five days ago. An hour long walk with Buster every day. This may help my health – but it is GUARANTEED to rescue my sanity.
  7. Learn Something New, Fun and Exciting. This is a challenge. What to do? Apparently it takes 15 hours of practice to learn to ride a unicycle. Can I be asked? Should I learn another language? Or get a degree in something? I lived in Germany for a while. They have a great saying: – “As soon as you become a Master in something, you should become an Apprentice in something else.” I doubt I am a master of anything (apart from sleeping in) but it is a thought process that has merit. Do something new, visit new places, drive down roads you have’t seen before, take Buster for walks in new places.
  8. Fall in Love. Definitely NOT going anywhere near THERE on a public forum. Ever. 
  9. Quit Smoking. Done that last year. With some help. Going to keep on quitting, or not smoking, every day. Non-Smoker. Smug. 
  10. Help Others achieve Their Dreams. Well that is my day job. And I love it. Helping people tell their stories. Storytelling for business, politics or personal career development! Helping people get a new job or promotion or even getting their first job – mega! Or playing a role in winning political selections and elections. In 2012, my work even including playing a tiny role in helping a company buy a UK football club. I love what I do – and would do it even if I didn’t have a mortgage. But I do have a mortgage – so will continue loving what I do, a while longer! 😉

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