David Cameron Please Sir can I have some more

The EU Referendum is happening.

Lots of spin and theatre went on before David Cameron finally got an agreement from the EU. He says its a good deal for Britain. Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, says it doesn’t matter anyway.

David Cameron then gave two speeches.  I have been a fan and a supporter of david Cameron since before he was elected – I even carried an I❤️DC water bottle at Blackpool conference during the leadership contest. That was the conference when he gave THAT speech – the one that he worked on an rehearsed all week instead of schmoozing activists. I remember watching him delivering it from up in the gods of the conference centre. That was a speech. It did the job.

Since then I have helped candidates get selected in seats where the selectorate definitely didn’t like David Cameron at all. And I have helped candidates stand up for issues that David Cameron supported that many local party activists hated.

So if this article looks like I don’t like DC – that’s just plain wrong. I do. The country will miss him when retires. I just disagree with him on this topic. In any case, this is too big an event in the history of the UK not to feature some of the best speeches and articles from both sides.

The Telegraph has the full text of David Cameron’s speech including a video of the speech.  David Cameron also spoke in Parliament where he had a swipe at Boris Johnson.

I am sure there was the predictable long-in-advance choreographing to stage manage and present the negotiation – especially the last few days. Still, I think he did a pretty good job of the renegotiation, considering what he asked for. One could also suggest that the very real risk of losing a major contributor to the EU focused the minds of smaller, net recipient countries. Germany certainly doesn’t want to be the sole Treasurer of Europe either.

Here is an interesting behind-the-scenes timeline and description of what went on this weekend – before the two speeches. It might be shocking for some (it certainly was to me) to see how little power the leader of a significant country actually has, once the country is entangled in the political version of Hotel California.

Even David Cameron must have been aware when he sat opposite two unelected officials, doing an EU version of “Please Sir Can I have some more?”, that the sovereignty of the UK is not just at risk, but slipping away. Have a look at that link and THAT picture by GETTY and see the similarities!


America and President Obama seem to want the UK to remain within the EU – but I can’t see a representative of either the Democrats or the Republicans voting to give up control in the way that the UK has ceded power and sovereignty to an organisation like the EU.

Theresa Villiers, brave on so many counts, gives an interesting counter argument here.

My problem with what we are being offered, is that the Prime Minister of a majority Government in one of the largest economies in the world, and host to the Mother of All Parliaments, while in the EU has to ask permission of the leaders of the EU. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom should be accountable to the people of the United Kingdom. Full stop.

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