Conservative Party Conference – Boris and his Brick

Boris and his Brick

Boris Johnson’s speech at Conservative Party Conference was the kind of speech we have all come to expect from Boris. Both Boris and his Brick were funny and energetic. He simultaneously attacked Miliband and poked fun at Cameron – perhaps the only mainstream Conservative politician who can get away with that unscathed. He teased Theresa May too – cheeky and naughty kid style.

As in previous years he discussed how grand and  inspiring London is via amusing quips and anecdotes – he is a great ambassador for the city. Boris has never been one to talk about policy detail, he prefers to focus on the positives and the future and the trajectory, rather than macroeconomic policy – never mind microeconomic!

He may be called a buffoon by the opposition and the ignorant but Boris is exceptionally bright, ridiculously hardworking, very funny and is a master of delivery and playing to his strengths. He has personality and the much sought after authenticity. He is the closest thing to political Hollywood Britain has – even the most dreary conference events had queues outside if Boris was speaking at them. Many lobbying groups could save their dubiously named “refreshments” (aka expensive awful wine and mediocre-even-when-they-left-the-kitchen canapés) if they could only secure Boris as a speaker.

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