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The Power of Your Story

I am a Strategy, Storytelling and Speaker Coach. I help ambitious business leaders like you to articulate and distill your message and your focus, tell your story better and get where you want to be. No more coming second. My 10-point MessageCraft® checklist ensures you stop underselling yourself in your Positioning, Negotiations, Speeches, Pitches, Presentations, Interviews, Campaigns, Select Committee Appearances and MBOs. It's challenging, robust and tough. As you would expect.

Executive coaching

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Do you want to get into public life? Pass the Parliamentary Assessment Board or PAB? Get selected by a decent constituency? Fight and win elections? Survive boundary changes? Storytelling that captures the imagination of volunteers, the media and the public is key to winning selections, elections and re-elections.

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Storytelling coaching helps you identify, articulate and tell your story in a work environment. Clearly and concisely. Interview coaching, interview preparation and storytelling coaching for senior professionals competing for promotion, career changers and graduates hunting for their first job.

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Storytelling and Speaker Coaching for those who want to stay at the top in business. Or get there. Stop underselling yourself in your market or in negotiations, AGM speeches, MBOs, Partnership battles, presentations to the Board, Select Committee preparation, negotiations over salary, bonuses and remuneration.

60/81 clients selected in #GE2005
34 clients elected as MPs in #GE2010
20 clients elected as MPs in #GE2015
Mercedes Benz
#TEDMED SpeakerCoach
59/72 #GE2010 clients had bigger swings than national average 6%
Speechwriter and SpeakerCoach to the Sri Lankan Prime Minister at UN
1/3 of Conservative MPs have been through my Getting Selected training
9/10 of my interview clients get the job they want