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Your success is based on how well you tell your story.  Your story should be memorable, relevant to your audience and move them to action. Otherwise you are just making noise.

A storytelling coach for 24 years - I work with politicians, political campaigns, business leaders and non-profits. I help them to stop underselling their story, to identify and articulate and then tell it effectively.

As well as turning around a 3 company industrial group, with 135 staff over a period of 3 years, I have worked as a coach with 14 PLCs, significantly sized international privately owned companies and some really exciting start-ups.

Politically, I worked on the landslide UK National No2AV Referendum campaign where I was responsible for an unprecedented alliance between the Conservatives and the Labour Party. I helped get the National Anti-Slavery Day onto the UK statutes and coached the Sri Lankan Prime Minister for his Peace Speech to the UN General Assembly. Over 100 Members of the UK and European Parliament have been through my training process.

Since 2014, I have been a SpeakerCoach at TEDMED, the health, science and medical part of the TED family. This means working under extreme time pressure to get a large number of speakers away from good and touching or reaching for great.

Speaker coaching

29 Things I Have Learnt as a
TEDMED SpeakerCoach

I have been fortunate enough to coach nearly 100 TEDMED and TEDx speakers, some of whom have been featured on TED.COM.  

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Strategy, Storytelling & SpeakerCoaching

Strategy, storytelling and speaker coaching are the three specific sides to the storytelling work I do.

the speech process

Some of the organisations I have worked with on their storytelling: 

corporate coaching

The highest altitude work is helping a company, campaign group or organisation develop, tweak or change their strategy. Who are they? What do they do and what should they do? What do they stand for? Why are they in business? What sort of business are they? What sort of business are they in and which should they be in? What is their definition of success? What sets them apart? What makes them different and relevant? How to achieve their goals? How will they survive/succeed/win?

At a lower altitude comes Storytelling. What is the most accurate, potent and memorable story or set of stories that best describe and differentiate the organisation, its existence, what it does, why it does it, why it does it thatway and its future. It can include help on the content-creation of speeches, website content etc but the most important part is developing stories that staff, clients and other “stakeholders” get, appreciate and remember. Storytelling is there to help make the organisation stand out, be remembered and be sticky in the minds of the people it needs so it can survive, grow and prosper.

This is granular, gritty and time-specific. SpeakerCoaching is preparing individual people 1-2-1 for high-value/high-risk situations and events. These could include Investment Pitches, AGM speeches, End of Year or Mid Year internal communications session, appearing in front of a Select Committee, a Senate Hearing or a UNGASS (United Nations General Assembly Special Session). These are important events that can change the course of the company or the careers of those involved.

What others say...

Peter has worked with Conservative MPs, MEPs, members of the House of Lords, a Prime Minister, business leaders, QCs, Olympians, and nearly 100 TEDMED and TEDx speakers - some now featured on

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Rebecca Adamson

"My opening was a jaw dropper thanks to you"

Rebecca Adamson, TEDMED 2014
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Tim Montgomerie

“The genius political consultant Peter Botting.”

Tim Montgomerie, Founder of, Co-founder of the Centre for Social Justice, former comment editor at the Times. 
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
john Shosky

"Peter is in the top rank of speechwriters worldwide...the go-to guy..."

John Shosky, speechwriter in three U.S. presidential administrations
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Lord Grocott

"Peter has forensic political antennae."

Lord Bruce Grocott, PPS to Tony Blair 1994 - 2001, Govt Chief Whip in the House of Lords 2002 - 2008

Other Services To Help You Get Ahead

Executive Interview Preparation

Do you want to become a Partner or get on the Board? If you are in a senior position, on the Board, changing career or just been made redundant you may hardly remember your last time you were in an interview. Whatever your situation, a lot will have changed since then and your story needs telling well!

Graduate Interview Preparation

Interview preparation is standard in 2017. Competition is tough and there are more applicants for seemingly fewer jobs. You have to make every interview count. I help you tell your story better in telephone interviews, interviews and assessment centres. It's your decision: Stand out - or watch your competition get the job.

Political - Getting Selected & Elected

Over 1/3 of current Conservative MPs have been through my training. 20 MPs in #GE2015, 34 MPs in #GE2010. In 2010, 59/72 of my clients exceeded the 6% national swing. I can stop you underselling yourself and improve your chances of getting selected for a decent seat and then get elected.

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