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Getting selected for and winning elections. Winning campaigns with effective electoral strategies and convincing human communications.

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Career development for graduates fighting for their first job, executives competing for promotion and experienced senior professionals looking to change jobs

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Executive coaching and leadership development for those who want to get to the top in business. Or stay there. AGM speeches, partnership battles, presentations to the board, select committee preparation. Buying or Selling a business


o you need help getting your message across? Have you got something to say or a skill to show but can't get the words quite right? Well, my name is Peter Botting, a - See more at:


34 clients elected as MP’s in 2010
60/81 clients selected in 2005
9/10 interview clients get the job they want
59/72 clients selected as MPs in 2010 had swings of more than 6%

Who have I helped before?

There are 10-15 Conservative MPs – including me – who are only here because you gave us that little bit extra. Maybe 10%. Or 15%. Or 5%. The edge needed to win. The edge that took us from good to winning. You should shout about it more.

Conservative MP - 2010 intake