What Is MessageCraft®?

Messages that fail are just noise.  Successful messages are easy to define and measure. They work.

You win the pitch, you get the sale, you get selected, you win elections, your ideas are adopted.

Killer Messages mean Money in the Bank, Votes in the Ballot Box.

MessagecraftThe MessageCraft® process minimises or neutralises your negatives and maximises your positives in pitches,presentations and speeches.

MessageCraft® is a rigorous, proven and comprehensive 10 step process that I have identified, developed and designed over nearly 20 years ago in the communications industry.

Making sure that ALL 10 stages are addressed is a key part of the success of the MessageCraft® process.

Sometimes uncomfortable, always demanding, (generally) fun, never tame, the MessageCraft® process tests, probes, and occasionally razes to the ground and reconstructs the message and the message deliverer.

Working with me through the MessageCraft® process has been likened to working with Simon Cowell. And yes it is rigorous and demanding – otherwise what use would it be? But what Simon Cowell never shows on TV is the reconstruction work that produces the results. As a professional and ethical trainer I inevitably deconstruct but I ALWAYS reconstruct.

MessageCraft® is far more wide-ranging than standard off-the-shelf Pitch, Presentation and Public Speaking courses. It is a bespoke process based on you, where you are now and where you want to be.

Off-the-shelf courses typically focus only on delivery skills, or what I call StageCraft skills, which is just 10% of  the MessageCraft® process. Standard courses merely put the speaker in front of a video camera and criticize the negatives, while accepting the content and ignoring the style and personality of the deliverer.

Great presentations demand substance AND solid content – underpinned by professional message preparation.

The holistic (jargon alert!!) 10 step MessageCraft® process considers:-

  • the audience and the required outcomes. What action(s) should the message trigger?
  • the strengths and weaknesses of the message and any required re-focusing
  • the content, style and linguistics of the message – vocabulary is key!!
  • the abilities, skills and style of the deliverer (which does include video feedback)
  • the “Paxman-Proofing” – the Teflon coating that enables you to handle the most robust of post-presentation questioning.

And yes – after going through the MessageCraft® process you will be Paper-Free

MessageCraft® goes far beyond the generally misused beginners mantras such as “Tell them how you are going to bore them, bore them, tell them how you bored them…” (yawn).

As a MessageCraft® client, you can also use my last minute warm-up service before you go “live” – either on-site or on the phone.

MessageCraft® is a bespoke service. So I meet you first to discuss your exact requirements. To do my job properly, I need to understand you, your situation and where I need to get you. Do you remember that famous line in the Ogilvy & Mather advert?

“At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock.” 

David Ogilvy spent over 2 weeks reading about the Rolls Royce in question before he came up with that classic. He took the time to understand the client. He also helped them sell a lot of painted metal. You will get better results quicker with MessageCraft® – but we will take the time needed.

MessageCraft® is not a quick and dirty “Cut and Paste” solution. Generic solutions may be good enough for some, but you won’t find them here. It’s about your voice, your message, your agenda.

my PAB reports … were all extremely positive! I blame you.

A Parliamentary Candidate

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