Vacancy – Speechwriter at NATO

Be a speechwriter at NATO – where they actually pay you!

The good people at NATO have asked me to promote their current vacancy for a speech writer.

It’s a really interesting job at a fascinating time with a secure and decent salary – which is not something many speechwriters enjoy!!!

I am sure it will be as challenging as the times facing NATO at the moment.

Here is the link to the job –

and here is an excerpt from the Job Description…

Expertise Development

Draft speeches, articles, press conferences, media messages and other written material for the Secretary General, and the Deputy Secretary General. Edit press conferences and media messages for the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General as required. Keep abreast of NATO’s broad political and politico-military agenda in order to gain a deepened understanding of all issues that form the subject of NATO’s public communication.

Policy Development

Assist in the drafting of declarations, communiqués and other documents associated with the Summit meetings.

Knowledge Management

Conduct the appropriate research and analysis to draft speeches, press conferences, articles and policy statements for the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General.

Project Management

Assist in the planning and preparation of work produced by the team in the appropriate style and in a timely manner.

Representation of the Organization

Provide public briefings as required on NATO’s current political agenda, ensuring that communication is consistent with NATO policy and approved public messages.

Information Management

Assist in the effective flow of all work produced by the team, ensuring that appropriate products are distributed in a timely manner and in accordance with NATO’s administrative procedures.

Stakeholder Management

Maintain close relationships with the staff of the Private Office, the NATO Spokesperson and the Deputy Spokesperson, PDD, other Divisions within the International Staff and International Military Staff, as well as with the NATO Military Authorities and Allied missions.

Perform any other related duty as assigned by the NATO Spokesperson and the Deputy Spokesperson.

The closing date for applications is 24 March. If anyone is interested and has questions, please email me and I will forward your email to the team there – otherwise please just apply. This is a seriously great opportunity… If I was not so happy doing my own thing ….

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