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Business leaders are different. They are storytellers and dreamers and visionaries. They understand branding and image and reputation. They understand the power of storytelling for business. They are in the storytelling business.

Fred Smith, CEO of FedEx, said that something along the lines of a companies reputation and its brand value being the essential tasks and duties of any CEO. If every company followed that, any communications by a company would be something that would interest the boss greatly. All too often, this fundamental responsibility is delegated to departments who are only ever visited by the boss when something has gone wrong.

In every large PLC there are Marketing, PR. PA and Sales departments. I have worked in all of these departments and with bosses in board rooms. Of course, it makes life much easier for everyone if the big bosses understand how important the functions of those departments are.

I have listed some of the areas of work involved.

Case studies

As a volunteer on the campaign team for Douglas Hansen-Luke, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Walsall North, I attended a strategy day led by Peter Botting.

From the outset Peter engaged everyone, and drew on his wealth of experience to spark some lateral thinking for how the campaign could be brought to the professional standard he knew was necessary for success.

The organisation was slick and he managed to extract contributions from even the most reserved members of the team.
At the end of the day I left with a myriad of fresh ideas and tasks to instantly get to work on, and found Peter very easy to work with and talk to.”

Harry W Suffield

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