Personal Career Development is your responsibility

Career development is an investment in you. Surely it is the most obvious investment to make – way above a new kitchen or bathroom. Usually costing a lot less too! Personal branding, personal presentation, interview training, media training – all these things are highly valued by employers and clients and have never been more important to professional careers. You invest in your clothes and your hair (or at least you should) – surely you should also invest in your skills and your knowledge.

This is just as important at every stage of your career, whether you are looking for your first job, looking to change jobs or to be promoted. Some companies now do far more sifting out through telephone interviews, while others such as Barclays now use the grinding and arduous “truth serum” of Top Grading interviews for all hires from AD up.

Some companies do much less or no career development training and planning – so you have to make sure you are in charge of your career development training programme – whether the company provides it or not.

The corporate cultures and demands of professional services firms like lawyers and accountants also range hugely so you need to know that what pushes buttons at Hogan Lovells may not work at Slaughter and May.

So whether you are in the job market, making that big pitch or presenting to the main board, I can help you ensure you make the most of the opportunity.

Hi Peter
Thank you again for your help in getting me through the Parliamentary Assessment Board and getting selected for a seat first time of asking. So many potential candidates have to tear around the country repeating that process before perhaps securing a winnable seat. I know that I would not have done anywhere near so well if it wasn’t for you.

Years ago I was told that like when taking medication, it was better to respond than to react. Building up an armoury of stories and responses helped me do just that, responding in a way that allowed me to answer the unasked questions as well rather than simply batting back the original question. The key lesson for me was to have succinct responses that go beyond simple platitudes.

The simple question “Why do you want to be an MP?” has started a process across my borough of ensuring that our local council candidates each have a positive vision to share rather than simply to beat the other guy. The former leads to the latter but follows a different, more productive path.

You certainly put me through my paces but by the time of the interviews I felt ready for pretty much anything.


I look forward to seeing you soon.

Paul Scully. Conservative PPC Sutton and Cheam

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