Presentation CostsRate Structure (30 Jun 2011)

Bespoke coaching with transparent pricing

Download (pdf, 199kb)

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Graduate Interview Training is individual training aimed at preparing graduates for interview. Download the pdf here. Graduate Get-A-Job Training


Speechwriting CostsSpeechwriting (02 Aug 2010)

Even Peter Mandelson uses a speechwriter!

Download (pdf, 199kb)

I knew without question that I’d picked the right coach. He was doing just what I’d asked him to do… Peter’s seismic approach to speaker coaching can make you feel as if there’s earth moving under that once-stable place you were standing. You can view that as a danger, something outside your control, and run away from it. Or you can view it as the early rumblings of your own power as a speaker, and run toward it.

Denise GravelineWashington PR Woman of the Year Winner and TEDMED Coach who served on the White House Council on WomenThe Eloquent Woman / Don't Get CaughtWashington, D.C.

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