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The Storytelling Process
Stage 2: Storytelling

People buy into stories. Stories are as old as the tribe collected around a woodfire and passing on wisdom. Stories hold tribes together - whether they are modern day tribes such as Apple, Amazon, SAP, BMW, Airbnb and Uber or older religious, racial or national tribes.

What is the most accurate, potent and memorable story or set of stories that best describe and differentiate you and your organisation, its existence, what it does, why it does it, why it does it that way and its future?

Storytelling coaching can include help on the content-creation of speeches, website content etc but the most important part is developing stories that staff, clients and other “stakeholders” get, appreciate and remember.

Storytelling is there to help make the organisation stand out, be remembered and be sticky in the minds of the people it needs so it can survive, grow and prosper.

A successful campaign, business or tribe develops and tells and retells its stories. These inspire loyalty in investors, staff and clients as well as moulding behaviours internally - a great example being the Hertz “We try harder.” campaign and logo.

Human Trafficking Campaign Storytelling Case Study

In Summer 2009 I was asked to help former Member of Parliament Anthony Steen. My job was to help him and his under-pressure team to maximise the work he was doing fighting Human Trafficking. Anthony was the driving force, Founder and Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group against Human Trafficking – which he established in 1996. I worked with him to raise the profile and understanding of the extent and scale of Human Trafficking – now the second most lucrative criminal activity in the world.

Learn more about the work I assisted with on the Human Trafficking Foundation and awards here: read more.  

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