Questions to research before an interview

ID-100222712Research before an interview is key. During a job interview it is important to be able to demonstrate your knowledge of that company and that industry. Being able to speak fluently and confidently about this can set you apart from the rest. Having the right qualifications and experience is essential, but being able to show that you have taken the time to research the company and the industry will make you stand out from the crowd and may make that bit of difference you need to get the job.

Putting in the work and doing the research before an interview can really pay off. Research can be conducted through reading blogs, trade publications, and news sites can all allow you to gain greater knowledge of the industry, giving you more to talk about during the job interview. Of course you also have the company’s website and you should also have a good general knowledge – especially of factors that may affect the industry that the company is in.

 Here are some questions to research before an interview:

  1. What are the new trends in the industry?
  2. How do these trends affect the industry?
  3. What are the current challenges and problems in the industry?
  4. How are these problems affecting the industry?
  5. Which parts of the industry are most affected?
  6. What possible solutions are there for these problems?
  7. How viable are these solutions?
  8. What progress or research is being made in the industry?
  9. Which of these seem most promising?
  10. What is the best way to adapt to this new research?

I have list of questions to prepare for before an interview but these are some very basic industry items you should know.


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