Know Someone Who Needs Presentation Training ?

Presentation training turns hard work into sales. Do you know someone who needs presentation training? They could be members of your Board, pitch teams or marketing teams. Their presentations could be letting down the whole team. Competition is stronger than ever. Winging it in presentations is no longer good enough.

Imagine spending weeks or months doing all the detail and background work preparing sales and marketing presentations only for the person who is delivering the message to make a complete hash of it? It wouldn’t be so bad if they had prepared hard and were the best in your organisation. But if they don’t take the time, don’t prepare properly (or at all!) and can’t handle the easiest questions, they are letting everybody down.

No matter how earthmoving the content, if the delivery is shoddy, the message is lost.


Grrrrrrrrrowl! Coming second because of poor preparation or no preparation is far worse than coming second because of an inferior product or service.

Perhaps, to be fair, the people who deliver your carefully crafted corporate messages may be where they are today because of other skills and competencies. They may just need a helping hand to do justice to your work and your message.

Why not suggest that they get some presentation coaching?

Distancing presentation coaching, which can be quite personal and direct, from the organisation improves the rigour and candour of training, feedback and results.

“A man’s intellect is stored powder; it cannot touch itself off; the fire must come from the outside.” Mark Twain

Mercedes Benz

Taking over an overseas Mercedes Benz subsidiary in a different time zone and language takes some beating in terms of challenges and learning curves. The people in Stuttgart understand this and invest heavily in training and personal development. In this case I was retained to coach the newly promoted country MD on a two week intensive 1-2-1 intercultural communications course.


In the 90′s, when the company started by 5 ex-IBM’ers in a 2 bedroom flat in Heidelberg were replacing R2 with R3, they took no chances.

They introduced an enormous presentation training programme for all their  client-facing sales and technical employees, most of which was outsourced – especially at the senior management level which was generally 1-2-1. The majority of this work (delivered over more than 4 years) came to the Institute in Germany where I worked within a group of ten trainers.

“I really enjoy working with Peter because he took the time to understand our company, my role and my department and had a real business background too.” 

Peter Pfeiffer, International HR Development Manager, SAP AG HQ

Hi Peter
Thank you again for your help in getting me through the Parliamentary Assessment Board and getting selected for a seat first time of asking. So many potential candidates have to tear around the country repeating that process before perhaps securing a winnable seat. I know that I would not have done anywhere near so well if it wasn’t for you.

Years ago I was told that like when taking medication, it was better to respond than to react. Building up an armoury of stories and responses helped me do just that, responding in a way that allowed me to answer the unasked questions as well rather than simply batting back the original question. The key lesson for me was to have succinct responses that go beyond simple platitudes.

The simple question “Why do you want to be an MP?” has started a process across my borough of ensuring that our local council candidates each have a positive vision to share rather than simply to beat the other guy. The former leads to the latter but follows a different, more productive path.

You certainly put me through my paces but by the time of the interviews I felt ready for pretty much anything.


I look forward to seeing you soon.

Paul Scully. Conservative PPC Sutton and Cheam

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