Political Online Marketing & Web Design For Candidates & MPs

Political Online Marketing & Web Design For Candidates & MPs

Online Campaigning vs. Websites

What do you really want?

  • Are you serious about being visible and effective online?
  • Do you want to be found by people who DO NOT already know your name?
  • Are you serious about online campaigning being integral to your campaign?

Online campaigning in 2013

Barack Obama & Online CampaigningGone are the days of “interruption” campaigning. The public are, unsurprisingly, bored of politicians only turning up on the doorsteps at election time, shoving scruffy bits of paper through their doors. Political literature claiming to be “In Touch” gets mixed into the junk mail and is almost always thrown away.

Political campaigning is changing. As we saw in the run up to the 2008 US Presidential elections, online marketing (websites, social media and bloggers) was critical to Barack Obama’s huge success – as well as in his more recent 2012 success. Of course, online marketing is not enough on its own – you need a solid and enthusiastic ground and air war with a solid GOTV operation.

Offline and online campaigns are not silver bullets, both are essential components to a winning campaign. Like two wheels on a bicycle.

With ever reducing election turnouts, politicians, candidates and political parties need to turn to non-traditional political campaigning techniques to get noticed, save money and create a following.

Online Marketing For Politicians, Candidates & Parties

People are less and less interested in party politics but more interested than ever in issue based campaigning. People increasingly resort to Google to find out more about the issues that they are interested in – especially in their local area. Many politicians campaign actively on such issues but most of these politicians are invisible in Google searches for these campaigns unless their name is included in the search. Which sort of misses the point. Google should point people searching specific issues to local politicians, campaigns and campaigners – EVEN if they (outrageously) do not know their names.

I used to be delighted that a Google search with name brought my site up as the first Google result. Ignorant bliss. Then I realised, eventually, that I was getting no business from my website. I did some research and discovered that for the search terms that I wanted to feature in I was invisible to Google.

My search terms:

  • AGM Speech Writing.
  • Interview Preparation.
  • Getting Selected.
  • Conservative speechwriter

Anyone searching under these terms would think that I did not exist. Without personal referrals I would have gone broke.

So I hired an old friend and fellow campaigner and he changed my site. Do not take my word for it – or in fact the word of any self-proclaimed “experts” or “gurus”. Google those terms yourself and find out how findable I am now. I am delighted that he is now working in-house for me and we now offer online marketing services to political candidates and Members of Parliament seeking election or re-election.

Political online marketing services include:

  • Political and candidate website design & re-design
  • Political and location-based Search Engine Optimisation, get yourself found on Google by voters looking for local topics and locations of interest in your area
  • Political blogging and content creation
  • Online and social media based marketing, from strategy to implementation

New political online marketing services include: 

  • Getting elected: how to convert website visitors into votes
  • Nurturing visitors & converting supporters into advocates
  • Analysing and using statistics and data to refine and refocus strategies  and campaign activities – stop wasting time on stuff that’s not working.

Getting elected & re-elected online

Whether you’re a candidate, a prospective candidate, sitting councillor or Member of Parliament we can help you reach constituents and convert them into voters and advocates  through our political online marketing services.

I fully understand if you don’t believe me when I say how good our website / online-campaigning/SEO is – so test it out for yourself.

Why don’t you call me on this – google some of the keywords or phrases that I use in my online campaigning and see where and how my website ranks and how visible and findable my website is to to someone searching online. Remember – do not use my name otherwise I will come up as the first result – just copy and paste these phrases and google them.

  • intensive interview preparation
  • agm speech preparation
  • conservatives getting selected
  • conservative speechwriter
“There are many self-titled “gurus” out there. There is no such thing as a guru or a silver bullet – we definitely don’t claim to be, or offer, either. We offer clear visual lines and good architectural design that helps the search engines find and rate your site – plus a programme of hard work! You can check for yourself whether what we offer works for this site and make your mind up based on evidence rather than cold-calling claims.”  

If you want your website to work more for you, call/email me: peter@peterbotting.com  + 44 777 550 4299. Please send all pictures and texts to liam@peterbotting.com. 

Please note – there are many “gurus” out there who promise SEO miracles with no effort on your part. We only use ‘white hat’ SEO  – in other words we help Google to find your site – rather than ‘black hat’ SEO which effectively tricks Google into rating your site.

Google detects and, understandably, punishes sites that use ‘black hat techniques’ by banishing them to internet invisibility. Of course, ‘white hat’ SEO involves work and good, regular and relevant content which you need to do – or that we can do for you.

(Please note that due to family commitments this site has hardly been updated since January 2013. With regular daily updates, this site would feature far more prominently on search engines.)

Peter botting

About Peter Botting

Strategy, storytelling and speaker coaching from a TEDMED speaker coach. Peter has been a storytelling coach for 24 years - working with politicians, political campaigns, business leaders and non-profits. Helping them to stop underselling, identify and articulate their story and then tell it effectively.

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