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Winning Elections and Selections

Winning campaigns is hard. Money and manpower are always limited. Using your limited resources well and making sure every day, every penny and every word count is key to winning elections and political campaigns.

Winning elections is all about Maths and Words.

I help win elections and campaigns. And I hate losing.


“The genius political consultant Peter Botting”

Tim Montgomerie, Conservative Home


Key Achievements:

“…We won big because we – you – got Labour on board. Your positive, appealing personality was crucial to those negotiations…”

Matthew Elliott, NO2AV Campaign Director


Does your campaign need a boost?

We are very competitive and HATE coming second.

Specific campaigning areas where we can help you:

  • Getting Selected
  • Getting Elected
  • speeches – content and delivery
  • question handling
  • associations and campaign teams
  • fund-raising and media
  • grass-roots campaigns
  • offline campaigns – air wars and ground wars
  • general and constituency research
  • literature creation and printing (Publisher)
  • online advertising
  • surveys, focus groups and general message testing
  • political online campaigning – SEO, website design, management and hosting


There are 10-15 Conservative MPs – including me – who are only here because you gave us that little bit extra. Maybe 10%. Or 15%. Or 5%. The edge needed to win. The edge that took us from good to winning. You should shout about it more. 


The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

I spent 10 days polishing and streamlining the Prime Minister’s speech for the United Nations in 2003 and working on the delivery. On his return to Sri Lanka, The Prime Minister took over 8 hours to complete the 30 km drive from Bandaranaike International Airport to the capital Colombo due to the crowds who had come out to greet him.

According to Virginia, USA based www.globalsecurity.org 

“Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has returned to a hero’s welcome in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo. Tens of thousands lined the streets outside the airport to celebrate the return of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. Swarmed by officials and supporters at the airport….”


Conservative Party

I was retained by the Conservative Party to develop a Getting Selected Training course in 2002/2003 which the party is still running today. I have worked with literally hundreds and hundreds of prospective candidates in these group sessions as well as with many candidates on a 1-2-1 basis.

My role is far more than that of a detached presentation trainer. As your coach, I help you identify your USP, your strengths and your “voice” or brand as well as formulating your message and mapping your strategy.

In this fiercely competitive field, many say that they enjoy having an impartial friend and critic on their side, who understands the Party, campaigns and strategy. I have held a number of positions within the Conservative Party including Election Agent, Campaign Director, Target Seats Area Officer and Association Chairman.


Hard Facts

In the 2005 General Election 60 of the 81 of my personal 1-2-1 clients were selected as Conservative Parliamentary Candidates.

In the 2010 General Election, 72 of my personal 1-2-1 clients were selected as Conservative Parliamentary Candidates.

34 of them are now MPs.

Of the 72 candidates, 59 achieved swings of 6% or more. Of these 59 candidates:-

  • 23 achieved swings in excess of 7%
  • 14 achieved swings in excess of 8%
  • 8 achieved swings in excess of 9%
  • 3 achieved swings in excess of 10%
  • 1 achieved a swing of over 14%


Cannock Chase 2010 – 14% Swing

I was delighted to be part of the Cannock Chase parliamentary campaign, which saw Aidan Burley elected MP for Cannock Chase in the 2010 election. The BBC called it a “staggering result”. This political campaign achieved the biggest swing in the country (14%) from Labour to the Conservatives. This involved turning a Labour majority of 9227 into a Conservative majority of 3195.

More here: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/goldlist/2010/07/how-aidan-burley-won-cannock-chase-on-a-swing-of-more-than-14.html

This seat was target seat 198 for the Conservatives and generally considered by commentators and the Conservative Party as a No-Hoper seat. These pictures (apologies for quality) show where we were on the BBC swingometer.

What others say

“Peter is a truly excellent guy. I can say that as a direct result of my one day session with him, my presentational skills leapt immeasurably, whilst the content of my profile and speeches became coherent and relevant to the audiences I was addressing. I can be certain that my political career has a sound foundation based almost entirely on Peter’s input and help.” Mark Garnier MP, Wyre Forest


“Peter is frank and honest and his approach certainly achieved goals beyond my high expectations. Anybody hiring Peter will not be disappointed. What I find amazing is that the detail he gave still lasts with me after more than a year. Most courses etc I have been on, I have forgotten their points after a few hours!” Stuart Andrew MP, Pudsey


“You were absolutely instrumental in my selection and election” Conservative MP – 2005 Intake


“The genius political consultant Peter Botting” Tim Montgomerie


“There are 10-15 Conservative MPs – including me – who are only here because you gave us that little bit extra. Maybe 10%. Or 15%. Or 5%. The edge needed to win. The edge that took us from good to winning. You should shout about it more.” Conservative MP – 2010 intake


“Peter revolutionised my communication style! He helped me to present myself and to use my life narrative as an effective communication tool. He is harsh but fair. If your style needs a shake up then Peter is your man.” Jo Valentine


“Peter’s immediate warmth puts you at your ease from the start. He sees the potential in just about everyone, and helps you to find new ways to communicate to any audience – small, large, no matter how challenging. He has an ability to shape the message to make it hit home first time, and he understands the importance of ‘short and to the point’! Peter is also an outstanding grassroots campaigner, quickly gets to grips with issues and thinks beyond the obvious. Finally, Peter tells you how it really is. Publicly loyal and discreet, in private he will offer advice that may not be what you want to hear, but may save you a far worse fate if ignored. He’s one to have on your team.” David Gold


“Hi Peter Thank you again for your help in getting me through the Parliamentary Assessment Board and getting selected for a seat first time of asking. So many potential candidates have to tear around the country repeating that process before perhaps securing a winnable seat.


I know that I would not have done anywhere near so well if it wasn’t for you.


Years ago I was told that like when taking medication, it was better to respond than to react. Building up an armoury of stories and responses helped me do just that, responding in a way that allowed me to answer the unasked questions as well rather than simply batting back the original question. The key lesson for me was to have succinct responses that go beyond simple platitudes.


The simple question “Why do you want to be an MP?” has started a process across my borough of ensuring that our local council candidates each have a positive vision to share rather than simply to beat the other guy. The former leads to the latter but follows a different, more productive path. You certainly put me through my paces but by the time of the interviews I felt ready for pretty much anything. …. I look forward to seeing you soon. Paul” Paul Scully. Conservative PPC Sutton and Cheam


“My interview at the PAB was so much better for doing the storyboards and I was well prepared for the essays. I’m feeling better about the interview too because of this prep work” Parliamentary Candidate


“… my PAB reports … were all extremely positive! I blame you.”  Parliamentary Candidate


“You are the most discreet person I know. Never mind in Westminster – anywhere.” Leading Westminster figure


“Peter has provided me with invaluable support and guidance as Parliamentary Candidate. I enjoyed working with him on preparation for interviews, speech-making and media performances. His straight-talking manner, relevant advice- based on years of experience-and genuine desire to really help made all the difference to the results I got. Thanks Peter.” S. Parliamentary Candidate.


“I always thought that political consultants were a waste of money. Until I met Peter. Who is worth his weight in gold. I cannot stop thinking about what he told me – and I thought I knew my stuff.” A Conservative Party Agent


“I have known Peter since before he was invited to start the Getting Selected courses for Conservative Candidates in 2003. From my time working in the Conservative Party I still enjoy wide access to politicians and candidates and many have used Peter’s skills in presentation training and speech-writing. Many politicians are understandably modest – while in office – about acknowledging external assistance received. However, I know many politicians who value his discretion, robust and honest advice and obvious expertise. Discretion, trust and brutal honesty are essential, yet VERY rare, characteristics in politics. Plus, he is good!” Laura Clark, formerly Business Relations Manager, The Conservative Party.


“A top man with the ability to get the message over quickly and to help the client do the same. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity”  Conservative MP and Government Minister


“Peter combines an intimate knowledge of the Party and Constituency Associations with a no-nonsense approach to communication gained in the corporate field. His approach works and is easy to grasp. Add to this his ongoing support and encouragement – before and after selection – and you feel you have a friend who actually cares about your getting selected and elected. He is NOT a clock watcher and is no normal trainer! His help and (at times blunt) advice has been invaluable to me and I would strongly recommend him to anyone serious about getting selected and ELECTED.” Maggie Throup PPC, Solihull


“Peter is a great asset when pulling together pitches & speeches. He will work with you to get to the nub of the issue, understand your USP and help design a communications strategy that links the two together to form a bomb proof presentation. I would happily recommend Peter and will use his skills again. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert” R – Conservative Parliamentary Candidate


“I have just given the performance of my life. You increased my performance within a week ten fold.” M – Conservative Parliamentary Candidate


“Thank you for all your help and support. Without you I would not be here.” S – Conservative MP


“Peter Botting was a formidable force in helping me get selected and then elected to Parliament. Working with Peter was an excellent experience in learning how to be a better speaker and presenter. I still use the things that he taught me in my everyday life as well as my professional life. Peter is a pleasure to work with all around. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity” Paul Uppal MP, http://www.pauluppal.com/


“Without you I would not be here..” Conservative MP “I only applied for one seat. I was selected. Fought the seat. And won. Peter helped me from before the PAB. Invaluable” Conservative MP


“Thanks Peter – every penny worth it!” J – Conservative MP


“Peter smells the mood on the streets better than any focus group!” Conservative MP


“..truly transformational…the improvement is mind-blowing..” A well known Conservative MP who is also in great demand as a speaker.


“The Simon Cowell of the Conservative Party” Various clients

Peter botting

About Peter Botting

Strategy, storytelling and speaker coaching from a TEDMED speaker coach. Peter has been a storytelling coach for 24 years - working with politicians, political campaigns, business leaders and non-profits. Helping them to stop underselling, identify and articulate their story and then tell it effectively.

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