Overused words and phrases in job interviews

ID-100101765Overused words and phrases in a job interview bore the interviewer. Being original, interesting, and engaging will make your more memorable and more employable.

Here are some overused words and phrases to avoid using in job interviews:

  1. “I don’t see a problem with that”

Enthusiasm in a job interview is good, as is being flexible with what you are able to do for the company. But showing that you have considered what is being asked of you is a better trait to show during the interview.

  1. “I want a job where I can develop and grow”

Who doesn’t? This just sounds like corporate jargon and does not actually explain anything. Instead tell your interviewer in which ways you want to develop and grow and why that job will help you do that.

  1. “I want a job where I can use my skills”

The interviewer probably thinks you have the skills to do the job, otherwise you wouldn’t be offered the interview. Instead of saying this, explain which skills you have and how these skills will help you do the job effectively.

  1. “What an interesting question…”

This is an obvious stall for time to think, and is quite transparent. Instead of trying to stall for time, just take a couple of seconds to think about your answer, before vocalising.

  1. “I’m very hardworking”

Who would say anything different in an interview? Back this statement up with some evidence. Use storytelling to demonstrate a way in which you have worked hard at a project in your career.


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