really bad PowerPoint

How to make really really bad PowerPoint presentations.

I hate PowerPoint. Or more exactly I detest the over reliance of so many presenters on PowerPoint. People who use PowerPoint as a crutch, who start their presentation prep by opening their laptops rather than getting out pen and paper.

We can’t all afford to hire Nancy Duarte and her team but we don’t have to bore people to death with really bad PowerPoint presentations.

How to avoid making a really bad Powerpoint Presentation

  1. Powerpoint bulletpoints! enough said (and yes I KNOW this is a numbered list – irony?)
  2. your Powerpoint fonts are hard to read
  3. your Powerpoint slide colours are awful
  4. awful Powerpoint slides – get good pictures!
  5. your slides have too much data
  6. your messaging is unclear
  7. do you want to persuade or inform?
  8. ….

The PowerPoint sin-list goes on and on – things you really should not do in a PowerPoint presentation – but if you insist should at least be done better. I could bore you for hours about this but this guy does it far better than I could so watch and enjoy! It’s a few years old but just as good and as valid as ever!



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