Life Priorities – The Empty Pickle Jar Test

Life Priorities – Sometime you need a SatNav to help you make decisions

One evening a couple of weeks ago after a particularly long and busy day, I met up with an old friend. A good friend. One who has stuck his head “above the parapet” for me. We met by accident – we both were heading home. We went to the pub. 

We discussed some important things going on in his life and some important choices he faced. Choices are only ever tough when there are costs involved. And there were – personal, time, money and relationships.

He had seen the video above on my Facebook a few weeks earlier. We discussed it again. It helped that night, along with a few beers, to establish his real life priorities – and those that were less so. I have done the same in my own life because the story in the video above touched me (in a slap around the face sort of way) and made me re-evaluate and reassess. A continual process.

Or perhaps “makes” (present tense) is the right word. As we parted that night – I shouted out “Decide on who or what your pebbles* are!”

I am not sure if I was talking to him or me. But there I was, 45 minutes later, still writing about it.


*I prefer pebbles to golfballs. 🙂

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