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Interview Preparation & Coaching for Graduates

Over 90% of my graduate interview preparation clients get the jobs they want.

Interview preparation is standard in 2017. Competition is tough and there are more applicants for seemingly fewer jobs. You have to make every interview count. I help you tell your story better in telephone interviews, interviews and assessment centres. It's your decision: Stand out - or watch your competition get the job.

Graduate interview preparation stops you underselling yourself. Employers expect you to prepare for the interview – the flawless amateur personified by James Bond is fiction.

My 1-2-1 interview coaching for graduates includes:-

  • Identifying your USP, identifying and articulating what you bring or could bring to the corporate table and helping you communicate your qualifications and potential as a candidate during the interview.
  • Reviewing your CV – this CV audit is an essential part of the process of interview preparation
  • Overview of best-practice pre-interview research.
  • Work on voice and image projection.
  • Interview preparation role-play with video play-back as well as review of image, voice projections etc.
  • Plus bullet proofing you for all those tricky interview questions which are now more important than ever. After the session and having done your homework you will be on the road towards being “Paxman-Proof & Paper-Free” when you do get to the interview.

A professionally qualified trainer, I also have extensive interviewing experience from the other side of the fence:

  • as MD of 3 manufacturing companies with over 130 staff
  • an official interviewer in Magistrate Selections – Sussex
  • 12 months working with Head of International HR at SAP AG who was permanently swamped with job applications.

What does Graduate Interview Preparation Coaching cost?

I am sure that you have used up all your student loan money on books, accommodation etc. Well, I was a skint student too so the good news is that I offer Graduate Interview Clients a special discounted deal. This makes sense for me too because I get former Graduate Interview Clients coming back 10 years later when they are thinking of changing jobs or looking for a promotion.

Believe me – your parents will be glad to get you earning, in a proper job that they can brag about and of course, also get you out of the house. Go on – ask them!

Graduate Interview Preparation and Coaching References

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Having recently left university with little experience outside of academia, the prospect of job searching and interviews, in what is being described as one of the toughest times for young people to do so, filled me with dread. Having got myself a telephone interview with one of the big four audit firms, I went to Peter to pre-emptively show me where I was likely to go wrong.In just one day he was able to tear down my hesitant, textbook approach to answering questions and really help build and convey the unique character and skills I should be emphasising, while highlighting the less desirable aspects of my responses.Now, having gone through all the phases of the graduate programme application, I have been told I have a position within the company. That was the first job interview I have ever attended. Not a bad hit rate, and I have no doubt that it is predominantly down to Peter. - Ben Scully

Hi Peter, I don’t know if you remember me – you gave me some interview coaching last year for law training contract interviews. I just wanted to let you know that I recently obtained a training contract with Charles Russell in London and to thank you for all your help and advice last year; it made a huge difference to the way I approached interviews and the whole application process in general. It really gave me the confidence to sell myself and to use my experiences to my advantage. I definitely couldn’t’ve done it without you, I really appreciate all your advice and insight, thank you very much! Hope you’re well.  - Bethan Richards

Any graduate trying to secure a training contract with the top city law firms will know the competition is tougher than ever this year. The number of applicants has soared even as contracts have become scarce. It’s not uncommon for a firm to interview 250 applicants for 50 places. For my top-choice firm I knew I had to do something special. In the week prior to I-day, Peter gave me two telephone interviews. The first took me to pieces: it showed me all the gaps in my knowledge and the inadequacies in what I’d genuinely thought was my in-depth interview preparation. I had to go away and do some serious work. By the end of the second interview I felt like I could handle whatever trick questions a panel of partners could throw at me. I knew exactly what I wanted to say, what was special about me and how to get that across to the interviewer. The confidence he gave me was invaluable. The firm offered me full sponsorship and a contract within a week. I really can’t recommend him enough. Ghislaine Lawless 2.1 English Literature – Bristol, Ashurst

Having to face roughly 4000 other applicants from all over Europe for 370 places, I knew that my 2.1 in International Relations from Royal Holloway was not sufficient to beat the competition and that I had to go the extra mile.For this reason, I contacted Peter, who used his experience to help me draft my CV, my personal statement and to refine my interview skills.When I finally got the letter confirming my place at the College, I knew that Peter’s professional touch on my application and his impact on my interview skills had been fundamental to my success. I truly cannot thank him enough and I would strongly recommend anyone in my position to take full advantage of his interview preparation services. - Edoardo Troina – MA Candidate, College of Europe – Natolin

After recently graduating from a Russell group university I knew what direction I wanted to go in but was uncertain how to get there. I had got the experience but didn’t know how to present this. Peter completely re-worked my CV and covering letter into a far more concise format that targeted exactly what employers wanted. In addition Peter prepared me for interviews and gave me a huge amount more confidence for when I found myself in that situation. Within only a few weeks I had secured the summer internship and graduate job that I wanted. Overall I cannot recommend Peter’s comprehensive interview preparation service enough. - Simon Brown

I soon came to realise that I wasn’t succeeding in graduate consulting interviews and needed help. Seeing Peter was the key. He took an in-depth look at my interview technique and together, we were able to build successful strategies to deal with anything I encountered during my interviews. With Peter’s help, I realised how best to come across and how to avoid the various pitfalls and traps of interviews. Needless to say, from over five thousand applicants I was offered one of twenty places at a top 3 consulting firm and couldn’t be happier. Without Peter’s help, it’s unlikely I would have made it through the first round. I would recommend Peter to any graduate who wants to achieve their very best in their interviews.  - Chris

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