How to get selected & elected as a Conservative MP. 

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Over 1/3 of current Conservative MPs have been through my training. 20 MPs in #GE2015, 34 MPs in #GE2010. In 2010, 59/72 of my clients exceeded the 6% national swing.

I can stop you underselling yourself and improve your chances of getting selected for a decent seat and then get elected.

How Can I Help You Get Selected & Elected?

I have been helping wannabe parliamentary candidates get selected for over 10 years. I have helped them navigate the various vetting processes and stages to get selected as a Conservative Parliamentary Candidate from before the Parliamentary Assessment Board (PAB) through to speaking in front of the Selection Panel and preparing for Open Primaries, EGMs and AGMs and SGMs.

I have also done most of the jobs volunteers are asked to do in the voluntary party and in these roles I have selected council, parliamentary and European candidates. I have been Association Chairman, Association Deputy Chairman – Membership and Fundraising, Association Deputy Chairman – Europe, Mutual Aid Officer, Ward Chairman, Constituency Campaign Director, an Election Agent and once even reached the lofty heights of being Sussex Area Officer for Target Seats.

But my results helping candidates are all that count.

  • Over 1/3 of current Conservative MPs have been through my training.
  • In #GE2015 20 of my clients were elected as MPs.
  • In #GE2010 34 of my clients were elected as MPs.
  • In #GE2005 72 of my personal 1-2-1 clients were selected as Conservative Parliamentary Candidates.

I can help you in all aspects of candidate selection:

  • Overviewing the selection process as it currently stands from PAB to Open Primary/Special General Meeting and all the stages in-between including an understanding of the City Seats Initiative (if it resurfaces after the Party Review)
  • Identifying your USP – identifying and articulating why you want to become an MP – communicating your qualifications and potential as a candidate and MP.
  • Understanding and passing the Parliamentary Assessment Board (P.A.B.).
  • Reviewing your CV - Writing the bespoke CV that is sent to individual associations.
  • Speechwriting – formulating an effective introduction, structure and ending to a speech. Preparation of a 1 minute, 5 minute and an elevator speech.
  • Overview of a best-practice Battle Plan to win the seat – ensuring associations understand that you do not have “L plates” and can actually hit the road running.
  • Public speaking coaching – Work on voice and image projection.
  • Question and Answer practice. Bullet proofing you for all those tricky questions which are now more important than ever – especially with external, non-tame moderators and journalists increasingly playing a role in Open Primaries. Video play-back also plays a role here, as with review of image, voice projections etc.
  • Constituency Research and Crib Sheets
  • Literature design, writing and proof-reading for Open Primaries

Positive Political Testimonials

Over 1/3 of current Conservative MPs have been through my training. 20 MPs in #GE2015, 34 MPs in #GE2010. Some feedback from others:

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media ) political career has a sound foundation based almost entirely on Peter's input.

“Peter is a truly excellent guy. I can say that as a direct result of my one day session with him, my presentational skills leapt immeasurably, whilst the content of my profile and speeches became coherent and relevant to the audiences I was addressing. I can be certain that my political career has a sound foundation based almost entirely on Peter's input and help.”

Mark Garnier, MP for Wyre Forest. Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Trade
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

“The genius political consultant Peter Botting.”

Tim Montgomerie, Founder of, Co-founder of the Centre for Social Justice, Times Columnist, former comment editor at the Times.
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

...lasts with me after more than a year. 

“What I find amazing is that the detail he gave still lasts with me after more than a year. Most courses etc I have been on I have forgotten their points after a few hours!”

Stuart Andrew, MP for Pudsey. PPS to the Chairman of the Conservative Party

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