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Do you want to become a Partner or get on the Board? If you are in a senior position, on the Board, changing career or just been made redundant you may hardly remember the last time you were in an interview. Whatever your situation, a lot will have changed since then and your story needs telling well!

Whether you are fighting to become a Partner or get on the Board, changing career, changing company or struggling to get going again after being made redundant – professional interview preparation and storytelling coaching could literally change your life.

All professional athletes have coaches – why don’t you have one for your career?

Board Room battles
Some of my work involves board room battles, succession wars and campaigns to become Managing Partner. These can be tough when you really do not know who to trust – board room politics can make Westminster politics look tame. Having an independent outsider, coach, sounding board and confidante could be just what you need.

AGM Preparation and Preparing for Select Committees
I help Board members prepare their delivery for AGM speeches and AGM Q & A and I have also helped a senior VP prepare to go in front of a House of Commons Select Committee.

Becoming a Partner
Some of my work is with Senior Associates wanting to make Partner in law and accountancy firms. This is literally life changing – you make Partner or you get missed out for another year. If you miss twice you may as well change companies.

Been made redundant or fired?
If you have been made redundant or fired, you have a sensitive and very important story to tell. Fewer senior jobs, more applicants and an increasing focus on youth over experience means you must make every interview count. You have to stand out – or your competition will get ahead of you. But you also have to fit in – to play their game and to play it well. I can help you with this.

Discrete executive coaching
Some of my clients are able to put my fees through Business Development or Personal Development budgets – while others prefer to keep the coaching away from office gossip and we meet off-campus and pay me directly.

My 1-2-1 interview coaching for senior executives includes:-

  • Identifying your USP, identifying and articulating what you bring or could bring to the corporate table and helping you communicate your qualifications and potential as a candidate during the interview.
  • Reviewing your CV – this CV audit is an essential part of the process of interview preparation
  • Overview of best-practice pre-interview research.
  • Work on voice and image projection.
  • Interview preparation role-play with video play-back as well as review of image, voice projections etc.
  • Plus bullet proofing you for all those tricky interview questions which are now more important than ever. After the session and having done your homework you will be on the road towards being “Paxman-Proof & Paper-Free” when you do get to the interview.

A professionally qualified trainer, I also have extensive interviewing experience from the other side of the fence:

  • as MD of 3 manufacturing companies with over 130 staff
  • an official interviewer in Magistrate Selections – Sussex
  • 12 months working with Head of International HR at SAP

Executive Interview Preparation Case Study

I was hired by a Senior Associate in a Magic Circle law firm. Being promoted from Partner to Senior Partner is huge in terms of multiplying your earnings. But it’s much more than that. It’s joining the ownership club, it’s being recognised as valuable enough to be part of the Partner team. It is a huge vindication of all the sacrifices and work put in by the the person - and their partner and family. It makes the previous 8-10 years worth it. And it is life changing.

I will let my client’s words speak for themselves...

“Peter, interviews went very well! …Already got feedback from the partners - they said I "aced it"! Was a really fantastic interview - all questions I prepared for came up and was extremely slick in my answers.

All in all I'm happy - could have given a few better answers but won't dwell on those.Next step - partnership vote! I will keep you posted.

After the (Partner) vote, I got a call from (the Managing Partner) on the weekend afternoon inviting me to join the partnership! Which of course I accepted!

I tried to keep calm on the phone and then popped the champagne straight after! It was an incredible feeling, with a flood of relief and excitement.

It has been a fantastic few days - tomorrow is officially my first day as a partner.

My wife and I both discussed after we had the news how pleased we are that I spent a day with you and how I needed it to feel in control of the process. I met the partners who interviewed me for a drink yesterday and they said how strong my interview had been. I also wanted to say that the training has helped me enormously in other areas of the job as well.

Looking forward to catching up soon,”

Confidentiality is extra important in interview preparation for senior executives.

I deal with all my clients directly.
Discretion and rigour are guaranteed.

Career development is the most important part of most people’s lives. The decisions you make in your career and the steps you take to identify and then progress in your career are amongst the biggest you will ever make.

In the 24,000 plus hours of message crafting and narrative work that I have done over the last 24 years, I have coached over 1000 people 1-2-1. This executive career coaching focuses on you, your personal brand, your personal development, your aims, ambitions and progress. It is intense but rewarding – and in some cases literally life-changing.

Some people have changed careers totally because of the work we have done together. Some have decided to stick to their chosen paths and, partly because of the work we have done together, have prospered. Some have been promoted or head-hunted. All have become clearer about what they want, their abilities and where they need to catch up. Or stay ahead! All have left better equipped to get what they want out of their lives and their careers.

This includes ditching the negative perceptions of themselves that they had harboured, nurtured and tolerated like favourite children. All of them are now able to identify and articulate their strengths, their assets and their ambitions. All of them are happier. Most are richer and more successful.

Senior Executive Interview Preparation and Coaching References

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"I knew without question that I’d picked the right coach. He was doing just what I’d asked him to do… Peter’s seismic approach to speaker coaching can make you feel as if there’s earth moving under that once-stable place you were standing. You can view that as a danger, something outside your control, and run away from it. Or you can view it as the early rumblings of your own power as a speaker, and run toward it."

Denise Graveline – Washington PR Woman of the Year Winner / #TEDMED Speaker Coach / The White House Council on Women / The Eloquent Woman / Don’t Get Caught – Washington, D.C.
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"I have been working with Peter and benefiting from his knowledge and skills for nearly 10 years. He has helped me with general communication skills, presentations and speeches at all the key stages in my career – all of which have been pivotal to my personal professional development which has brought me to a senior management level within a German, M-DAX listed PLC. Although we have often worked face to face, he is always available on the phone and by email and is always happy to work evenings or weekends – often at very short notice – which is exactly when I need him! I can wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend him to anyone who takes their professional and personal development seriously.”

Group Company Secretary – German PLC
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"Peter provides excellent advice on how to assess one’s strengths and weaknesses, to craft an appropriate message and how best to communicate it. Well worth the investment! Great Results, Personable, Expert"

Paul Shea, Beechbrook Capital
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"Peter is results focused, a good communicator, works very well at senior level and is easy to work with. An excellent coach for top level presentations. Great Results, Expert, High Integrity."

Angela Bowland, Vice President of Strategy & Marketing at CSC.
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"Peter was an OUTSTANDING and no-nonsense coach. He showed me how to sell my experience at an interview. The interview. For THAT job. Investing in Peter’s coaching obviously worked because I was successful and am absolutely over the moon with my new role. He also guided me through the process of negotiating my salary up which saw an increase of over 35%. I would highly recommend using Peter if you are seeking a new role."

Head of Public Affairs at a FTSE 100 company

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