Cut the Jargon

ID-100186396Have you ever discussed the strategic importance of thinking outside the box, pushing the envelope, and giving 110 per cent? Then you may be victim of business jargon.

A survey conducted by the Institute of Leadership and Management has found that management jargon is used in nearly two thirds of work places, with almost a quarter of workers considering it to be a pointless annoyance. So maybe it is time to cut the jargon.

This should make us question whether business jargon is worth using at all. Unnecessary jargon muddies the clear water of your message. It can create a barrier between you and your audience, impeding your ability to connect with them. In some industries there are complex issues which are difficult to break down into simple terms, but that does not grant anyone permission to use complex and completely redundant language.

There are many reasons why people use this terminology. Sometimes people feel the need to dress up language to cover a lack of knowledge or self-confidence. Some may use it to bury the truth on an issue. While others may simply use it as it is part of the language they hear every day at work.

Communication is key. If you are using language that hinders your ability to communicate or get your message across in a clear, concise, and interesting way, then it shouldn’t be used. A lack of clear communication can result in missed opportunities; clients may be lost, promotions missed out on, or job interviews unsuccessful.


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