Conservative Party Conference – David Cameron speech: Unanimously approved.

The David Cameron speech was eagerly awaited by his critics. He disappointed them. David Cameron’s speech was a speech of balance and political stability. It was not an aggressive table thump nor was it a dull and uninteresting lecture. Cameron’s speech was not an unrelenting attack on Labour, nor was it an unimaginitive list of policy details. It was a well written and well executed speech. Personal details were used to back up arguments, not to score points. He rightly got angry about Labour’s deceit about his attitude to the NHS, he applauded the saving of the United Kingdom and Ruth Davidson’s role in the campaign. He aggressively made it clear to British citizens fighting for ISIS that they had declared their allegiance, that they were enemies of the UK and would be treated as such.

He warned off defectors. encouraged with tax cuts for all who earn less than £50 000 a year, claimed back Conservative territory when speaking about modern day slavery, zero hours contracts and the NHS.

It was a Prime Minister giving a Prime Minister’s speech and luckily the media are now noticing and reporting on the difference between him and Miliband. Miliband is not even a competent socialist. He is a kid pretender. Without even charm or bravado. Just union money and uninspired Labour members. God help us and the world if he ever gets into Downing Street with anything more than a Visitor’s Pass.

I saw David Cameron’s first major speech – when he was bidding to be Leader. That was a great speech without notes. IT won him then leadership of the Conservative Party. This time he spoke from notes. This was a serious speech about serious times – a Prime Minister’s speech. He may well have changed the outcome of the General Election in 2015 with this speech.


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