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MessageCraft Graeme WiliamsCorporate photos and video are now more important than ever. But they need to be good.

I am delighted to announce that Graeme Williams has joined the MessageCraft® team. Graeme is a wizard with photos and videos and is ideal for political and corporate work. He is a Conservative activist and has become a friend and a colleague. He is unusual because he has huge C-suite business experience as well as his photographic and video skills.

Graeme has been in the photographic and imaging industry his whole life starting at Kodak where he gained a huge amount of experience in both business and photographic technical skills. He spent 5 years as a Kodak technical instructor – teaching photography, film processing and printing for labs and retail photo.

He also worked for the Kodak sales team and travelled extensively throughout Europe training the sales force. In the mid 80’s he moved to the company’s offices in Dubai and ran the companies lab businesses in the region before taking on a turnaround assignment in Pakistan where he was General Manager. He then became VP of the sixth largest company in Switzerland, Gretag, before being headhunted by Hewlett Packard to help set up their retail photo team where he helped develop product and strategy globally, later heading up the EMEA region for this team as VP for Hewlett Packard.

After 20+ years in top management positions within the photographic industry, Graeme is now a successful freelance photographer specialising in corporate work and political work. He has done photos for me recently and also did this video which will be going on the Home page of my website soon. He is fun to work with and knows what he is doing. Give him a call and see what he can do for you. All my recent pics have been done by him as well as my corporate video. Graeme William –


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