Corporate Messaging: All About Words

corporate messagingCorporate messaging or corporate narrative. Whatever you call it, it’s all about words.

Words, words, words. They’re everywhere. Using the right words is crucial when it comes to most things in life.

It’s obvious when you think about it, but people and corporates sometimes forget that what they say, the words they use, the way they use them and the way they back them up matter. They are important when we are trying to sell someone an idea or a product or a service or attempting to influence a decision.

The most common examples of using words to influence is in interviews, sales pitches, presentation to clients or to your boss or even to the board. Buying or selling a company is a big thing and this can succeed or fail because of the words that are used.

Whether you think of yourself as a “sales person” or not, with every word you say, with every message that comes out of your mouth, your office or your outbox, you enter into a sales situation – whether you like it or not. Your words will influence others. It is up to you to determine that influence. After all, the decisions influenced by your words could be the customer you want, or need, buying your product or service or forgetting you. The decisions your words influence could change your future.

Corporate Messaging

Working together with companies on their corporate messaging helps sell products and services. I have also helped companies buy and sell other companies – that is very intense, but great fun. (I also help people get hired, get selected and even get elected to public office including a number of current Members of Parliament.)

So, I help businesses get what they want with words. Part of this is being compelling and being different. I help companies define and articulate their strengths and their differences, what they do well and how they can help others. Above all I help them focus on what is relevant and compelling to their audience.

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