Discretion & Your Privacy

Robust Honesty & Discretion

Discrete Coaching 

Discrete coaching is what you should expect from any coach. Your story should not be used to sell books or provide content for speeches. Unless you explicitly give permission.

A client’s rights to anonymity and discretion are absolutely respected and many clients understandably prefer I remain anonymous – especially in sensitive and/or high level situations.

My clients are the story. I am not. Please appreciate that any case studies used on this website are neither exhaustive nor overly detailed. Discrete coaching should be just that – discreet, especially with the type of clients that I have. My clients are typically significant (or soon to be significant) players in the corporate and political worlds and include a Regional Managing Partner of one of the world’s top law firms, an M.D. of a top pedigree UK Bank, a leading Investment Bank, a variety of Board members at well know UK and European PLCs, a Prime Minister and hundreds of politicians.

Main Sectors: Banking, Professional Services, Industrials & Defence, Politics.


Can you recall when a workman last fitted in with you?

Whether you are preparing a pitch in London or bullet-proofing a board presentation in Germany, Switzerland or the Middle East, weekend and evening work are part of my working life. Online collaboration by telephone/Skype conferencing is also normal. Many clients find it critical to be able to polish the Monday pitch on the Sunday.

Work takes place where it suits you – in your offices, hotel, home or training rooms or in my training room on the Sussex coast (suitable for 1-2-1 training) or the luxury of the Powdermills Hotel.

You decide where we work. I fit in with you.

Discrete Coaching – Why?

Robust Honesty & Discretion is essential for 3 reasons

1. Feedback

You know that honest, disinterested, feedback is an essential, but very rare commodity for most high level executives, politicians and pitch teams. Exceptional levels of openness and candour, mandatory for success and anchored in discretion, are seldom achieved internally.

I am not tainted by your company politics, or biased by your corporate propaganda. My only agenda is helping you. This means critically and independently auditing and honing your content, message and delivery – a fresh and honest look with an outsider’s eye.

2. Magic

Being a naturally talented public speaker is often part of the persona, the allure, the charisma of high level people.

Acknowledging someone else contributed to the performance can banish the magic and diminish the speaker – and we are all aware of advisors becoming the story and compromising the client.

My job is to promote YOU and YOUR message, while remaining an invisible backroom resource.

3. Commercially Sensitive Content

Indiscretion is bad for business. You email me content, only I see it.

I work with you myself – no farming out to “associates”. Your business is simply too important to me.

My bespoke, low-key approach respects your privacy and individuality.

Peter botting

About Peter Botting

Strategy, storytelling and speaker coaching from a TEDMED speaker coach. Peter has been a storytelling coach for 24 years - working with politicians, political campaigns, business leaders and non-profits. Helping them to stop underselling, identify and articulate their story and then tell it effectively.

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