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Storytelling -Telling Stories is more than structure and words. Story telling is about how you make people feel.

Storytelling -Telling Stories is more than structure and words. Story telling is about how you make people feel.

Experts sometimes get it wrong.

Sometimes the storytellers and speechwriters busy crafting stories and writing speeches for business or politics forget the most important thing about good storytelling. They get too involved and excited about speech writing techniques and speech structures and the process of speech writing and storytelling.

“Isn’t that what a great story does? It makes you feel.”

Dustin Hoffman

People buy and vote emotionally and justify their ‘investment’, choices or purchases logically. A simple addition of facts that favour the required decision could win the argument. But the emotions, the feelings, behind a compelling narrative are far stronger. And when the facts underpin, and are translated into, a compelling story that is passionately and effectively delivered, you are on your way to winning.

targeted message

Targeted Messages. The Power of Tailor Making your message.

Tailoring Your Message pays dividends and saves money.

Say things that interest the client. Or the voter. Don’t say the things that interest you. Otherwise you are just making noise.

But how can you write targeted messages without knowing your audience? Talking to an 18 year old about pensions is unlikely to strike a chord. Talk to a pensioner about your new BMX and you may well get a glazed look. However, talk to me about how to make the perfect margarita and you will get some instant attention.

If you miss out this important stage in crafting your message you will be operating in the dark in terms of message, content, words and medium. And you will waste loads of time and money. Plus you will lose elections and lose business, waste gallons of ink and be responsible for chopping down forests of trees for nothing. (Basically you will be less successful, poorer and a bad person!)

If it is worth doing – do it properly! Good enough seldom is and all that….

Carefully crafted and well targeted messages will always outplay busily spewed out standard messages. Mindless activity reassures temporarily. Professional messaging produces results.

Who wants randomly sprayed birdshot when you can have a sniper where every shot counts?

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