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Mixed Message

Mixed Messages Screw Up Your Story

Mixed Messages Ruin Good Stories.

I had a friend at university who would lose his tiny temper halfway through a film because the film has shown a different plane landing to the one that had taken off earlier in the film. We all thought he was just being ridiculous and annoying – as well as interrupting the film – and he usually got abuse and a beer bottle thrown at him. But for him the inconsistency of that tiny detail screwed up the whole story.

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Boris backs Vote Leave

Boris says OUT

London Mayor Boris Johnson joined Vote Leave and the OUT campaign today. Often foolishly written off as a blond airhead, this statement has depth and thought. I am not in a position to call anything or anybody intellectual – but this piece contains more intellect in the first paragraph than the all the US Republican Presidential candidate debates so far!

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Business stories are often about the people that run them

Rudi had the energy and build of a scrum half. He bounced into my office and thrust his hand out to shake mine. He had teeth and over the ear hair that advertisers dream of. But he wasn’t smiling that day. He was a customer and he wasn’t happy. By a strange quirk of fate I had ended up running a group of companies in Germany. One of them made wooden windows and doors. Rudi and his small team of 5 were resellers – they sold windows and doors in a 150 mile radius, bought them from our company and fitted them for a day rate and a small premium. The problem was – the margins were so small that you if you had to go back to fix something you would make a loss. If you had to go back twice it soon became expensive. And he was having massive problems with our products that were costing him money.

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Debate Prep for the Leaders Debate

Leaders Debate

At last the Great Debate or the Great Bore-a-thon is with us. Guy Bentley has a useful rundown in City AM on the format and the logistics for the night, who stands where, who speaks first etc.

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MessageCraft Graeme Wiliams

Corporate Photos and Video from MessageCraft®

MessageCraft Graeme WiliamsCorporate photos and video are now more important than ever. But they need to be good.

I am delighted to announce that Graeme Williams has joined the MessageCraft® team. Graeme is a wizard with photos and videos and is ideal for political and corporate work. He is a Conservative activist and has become a friend and a colleague. He is unusual because he has huge C-suite business experience as well as his photographic and video skills.

Graeme has been in the photographic and imaging industry his whole life starting at Kodak where he gained a huge amount of experience in both business and photographic technical skills. He spent 5 years as a Kodak technical instructor – teaching photography, film processing and printing for labs and retail photo.

He also worked for the Kodak sales team and travelled extensively throughout Europe training the sales force. In the mid 80’s he moved to the company’s offices in Dubai and ran the companies lab businesses in the region before taking on a turnaround assignment in Pakistan where he was General Manager. He then became VP of the sixth largest company in Switzerland, Gretag, before being headhunted by Hewlett Packard to help set up their retail photo team where he helped develop product and strategy globally, later heading up the EMEA region for this team as VP for Hewlett Packard.

After 20+ years in top management positions within the photographic industry, Graeme is now a successful freelance photographer specialising in corporate work and political work. He has done photos for me recently and also did this video which will be going on the Home page of my website soon. He is fun to work with and knows what he is doing. Give him a call and see what he can do for you. All my recent pics have been done by him as well as my corporate video. Graeme William –


Peter Botting on The Daily Politics

Daily Politics Appearance

Last Friday I was contacted by the Daily Politics team who had read my blog posts on the 5 worst and 5 best US political adverts. They seemed to like what I had written and invited me on to the Daily politics show on Monday to talk about them. Sam and I arrived at the BBC at 11:45 and were ushered into the green room. Sam was given a tour of the Daily Politics set and I sat waiting in the green room. It was exciting to be there. I knew what I wanted to say and to be honest I had an easy gig ahead of me as there were no tough questions coming my way as my 4-5 minutes was more of an amusing filler than main stream news and I didn’t have positions to defend – apart from my views on the videos.

Paul Uppal, Julian Huppert and Lisa Nandy were the guests for they day and Alan Milburn was a guest. Eventually I was called into the studio around 12:50 and say in a corner watching the 4 camera crew and the the rest of crew quietly and calmly do their thing. Then I was miked up and told to follow the chair. Then the videos were played – I was greeted by Jo Coburn who was lovely and then the questions a started. It was a fun discussion and I managed to to get Jo and her 3 guests agreeing with me!

Thanks to the Daily Politics team from Robbie Gibb to Jo and all the others who were so cool and friendly to us!

Have a look and tell me what you think!


Me and my Boss – by Danny Bowman

Job hunting with a mental health issue is not easy. Either you don’t even get an interview or the employer gets cold feet during the interview. Should you even say that you have had mental health issues?

The dreams of anyone suffering from a mental health problem is to start living a fulfilling life. For me I saw a fulfilling life as helping others and working hard even if it’s a internship.

I always has aspirations of working in politics or strategy and that ambition came true thanks to many people but one man especially, that is the guy I call boss now. Peter Botting gave me one of the biggest opportunities if not the greatest I have had. He gave me the chance to intern and work as his PA.

His absolute care and compassion for what I had been through didn’t make him dither on his decision but made him want to give me a opportunity, that many people with his reputation would not have done. One think that struck me about him is the lack of thinking he had to do and his open attitude about talking about such a stigmatised issue.

Last week we both attended Conservative Party conference but for me this year it was different, I was no longer freely drinking every alcoholic beverage I could have. It was to work hard as a test run for Peter, the political strategist that didn’t care about my past – only my future. I wrote about the conference here. 

I ran his diary and he described me as being like a drill sergeant and for the first time ever, he attended 11 out of 13 scheduled events on the first day.

We disagree and talk openly with non-edited language. But that is helpful and healthy. This man gave me an opportunity – he is not just “boss” but a great friend, a compassionate political man, a man of his word. I know he took a risk hiring me. I want to prove him right.


Peter and Danny2.

Me and Peter at work at Conservative Party Conference.

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