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Win a Telephone Interview

Telephone interviews are more staccato with less niceties than a face to face. They are also much less fun and far more nerve-wracking and dangerous. You need to be ready to go from the outset. You will often sadly simply be “the next one” and the interviewer is often just looking for reasons to make the pile in front of them smaller. And the quickest way to do that is to get rid of YOU!

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My Work for the No2AV Referendum

NO2AV Referendum – 2011 saw the first UK wide referendum since 1975. While nominally Communications Director, my de facto role in the referendum campaign very soon became cross-party parliamentary liaison. I conducted the negotiations to bring the Labour Party on board the official NO campaign. Labour and the Conservative Party are tribal opposites and working together was a big thing for them.

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The top 10 interview questions you really should know the answer to

Interviewers like consistency, they enjoy being able to judge each candidate by a set benchmark. This is why the same interview questions come up time and time again. Doing well in a job interview is down to you being able to express yourself clearly and coherently, communicating your message (i.e. your provable and evidenced differentiating skills and abilities) and explaining why you are the one they should choose. Continue Reading

Ideas Worth Spreading TED

TED Ideas Worth Spreading – Is India Chaotic

Ideas Worth Spreading

TED talks are there for Ideas Worth Spreading.

All TED and TEDMED talks are worth watching because they have passed the strict internal TED and TEDMED filtering process which ensures they will always fulfill this criteria. That is the guarantee and the quality of TED and TEDMED and it has a significant cost for these organisations.
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