100 days to GE2015 How Many Conservative Candidates have been Selected

Conservative Candidates have been selected in lots of seats – but not everywhere!

Today is 100 days to the General Election. As many have said before, the next General Election will offer voters the biggest real directional choice between the Conservative and Labour parties for a generation, complicated by the decline of the Lib Dems and the emergence of UKIP and the SNP as spoilers or kingmakers.

In March last year I published a blog showing the 290 seats that were still to be selected. Unfortunately there were a couple of seats that had been selected when I published the blog for which I apologise so the actual number was closer to 285.

97 Selections in 100 days

Anthony Gearing has done some work on this and his tally of unselected seats is now 79 excluding Northern Ireland making it 96 in total as Charnwood is selecting tonight.

This is a best effort so please feel free to add updates or corrections below.


Will there be any more retirement seats?

That is the question everyone on the candidates list wants to know. There is hope for wannabe candidates as there will be some more resignations (and possibly Knighthoods) before the election. Depending on the date that the MP announces they will be standing down (or the date of the selection – whichever CCHQ decide on!) these selections will probably come under by-election selection rules which may mean all-women short-lists.

Candidate Update from Guido Fawkes 27.01.2015

Preston – Richard Holden

Candidate Update: 27.01.2015 – 15:33

I have just been emailed by John Anderson with a candidate update from Scotland.

Dundee East – Bill Bowman
Dundee West – Nicola Ross
Inverclyde – Jaber Jabbour
Paisley and Renfrewshire North – John Anderson
Paisley and Renfrewshire South – Fraser Galloway

Candidate update 27.01.2015 – 16:29

Christopher Miller emailed me with this update.

Wolverhampton North East – Darren Henry http://www.darrenhenry.org.uk

Candidate Update 27.01.2015 – picked up the next morning

Bishop Auckland – Chris Adams

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