13 Ways To Look After Your Speakers

13 ways to make speakers love your conferences, events and you!

You want a good, funny, competent, low maintenance speaker for your event? But is your event a good event for your speakers? And are you a good event organiser for speakers?

This list is not exhaustive but if you get these things right you will stand out already! This list of how to look after a speaker is based on my good, and bad experiences, and those of a number of friends, colleagues and clients.

I have spoken regularly at events for over 10 years – though not as frequently as some people I know! Some are chargeable workshops, some are keynote speeches. Some are paid gigs, some are for causes I care about, some are because I have an affection for the organisation behind the event and some are as a favour to a friend. Some are organised by professionals but some of the best organised events I have spoken at were organised by enthusiastic volunteers.

Some have been a pleasure to be a part of – some not so much.

Of course, I understand that some speakers are total divas – whatever you do. But if you follow these 13 pieces of advice, without being prompted, your diva ratio may fall. Continue Reading

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