Campaigning, political messaging and winning elections – An article about the campaign and the resultant 14.02% swing in Cannock Chase was published in Conservative Home.

Tim Montgomerie wrote about YBF and YBF9 in an article for Conservative Home. He very kindly mentions me in the article. I have been training young activists and speaking at YBF since YBF2.


Articles on messaging or career development for City AM that I have written or where I have been quoted or contributed can be found here.


I was quoted in this article in The Economist


An article on political leadership and vision that I wrote for The Commentator prompted this piece on Dubai TV.


My articles for The Commentator are here.



“I worked with Peter on the No to AV referendum campaign and was impressed at his ability to work with people from so many different political backgrounds. He was a great asset to the team and always willing to lend a hand. Peter also has a good track record of helping Conservative candidates with their speeches, presentations and helping them to craft their message. I have found his help, advice and eye for detail invaluable.”

Theodora Clarke

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