Articles published in City A.M. this week


I am delighted to be published in City A.M. again this week. Here are the articles I published this week, be sure to check out what I published last week in City A.M..

Here are my articles published in City A.M. this week:

How do you decide to change jobs? Here are the 6 questions you must ask yourself.

Changing jobs can be a terrifying and dangerous decision. Which is why despite some people enjoying working for the same company for decades, some stay in jobs they hate because they fear change and stay with the devil they know.

How to impress your boss: 5 ways to put yourself first in line for promotions and bonuses

Being “in” with your boss helps you stand out from the crowd – making you more likely to get promoted, get more money or survive redundancy. But you don’t want to suck up to your boss – you don’t want to be that kind of person.


Here are my articles published in City A.M. last week

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