Are you in a Sales or Pitch Team? Looking for more Profit? Then you know you are only as secure as your last sale. Consistently more sales are the only answer.

Management consultants love talking about cutting costs. And they have a point and cutting costs is important. I have run businesses and know first hand how you can help turn a business around by cutting costs. But more sales is the key to success.

The Top-Line is where the action is, where businesses win or lose, where they flourish or where they die. And it is where bonuses come from.

Bad Top-Line = Bad Bottom Line.

Whether it’s the big pitch to win that balance-sheet-altering client or a “back to basics” session to revitalise the sales team, successful companies do not wait for things to go wrong. They invest early and regularly in bespoke, industry-focused training.

More sales, margin, more customers, more depth – simple


During the phenomenal growth of SAP in the early 90’s (before it was on the DAX) I was part of a tiny team of around 10 people brought in to train those responsible for Technical Roll-Outs and Sales Pitches world wide. All courses were bespoke with company specific material and focus. This ranged from 2.5 day group sessions for up to 12 participants to 1-2-1 senior level training. This developed and I later acted as a personal adviser and pitch coach to some of the second level Board Directors.

Siemens Nixdorf

My job was pitch training the senior sales team on a 1-2-1 basis over a 6 month period. The work was bespoke with company material, real business situations and role-plays designed to produce bullet-proof presentations.

“Thanks a million Peter – or should I say $400 million?”

Rainer Hettinger from Siemens Nixdorf – after he won a large US contract

Investment Banks, PR and Strategy Houses

The top line is all-important. I train pitch teams throughout Europe. Evenings and weekends are normal – the day after the pitch is WAY too late. All my work is bespoke with company specific material and focus.

“Cost is not my favourite word, but you are my favourite trainer!”

MD of a leading London investment bank after winning the £200 million pitch we prepared with his team.

Distancing this support from the company improves the rigour and candour of training, feedback and results.

A masters at the College of Europe, the most prestigious higher education institution specialized in European studies, had been my objective ever since doing an internship in Brussels during my first year of University.

Having to face roughly 4000 other applicants from all over Europe for 370 places, I knew that my 2.1 in International Relations from Royal Holloway was not sufficient to beat the competition and that I had to go the extra mile.

For this reason, I contacted Peter, who used his experience to help me draft my CV, my personal statement and to refine my interview skills.

When I finally got the letter confirming my place at the College, I knew that Peter’s professional touch on my application and his impact on my interview skills had been fundamental to my success. I truly cannot thank him enough and I would strongly recommend anyone in my position to take full advantage of his services.

Edoardo Troina - MA Candidate, CollegeEurope - Natolin

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