5 Tips for giving a great speech: a cheat’s guide

So, you meant to spend more time researching, you really wanted to get coaching, you intended to get input from friend or colleagues. But you didn’t. And now you are in trouble. The speech you have to give is this weekend, tomorrow, this evening or, worst case, in 10 minutes time!

5 quick cheat tips for giving a great speech when pushed for time.

1. Keep your message to three key themes to avoid your words being lost and forgotten.

2. Identify and repeat the key messages that identify with your theme.

3. People are busy, their time is important – keep your speech to less than 20 minutes to avoid losing the audience.

4. Breathe deeply, speak slowly and remember to pause. Keeping you calm and providing emphasis on key messages.

5. Speak as if you’re talking to a friend. Speaking fluently, as if to a friend, is the best way to help you relax and feel confident.

Remember – it’s just a speech – even if it does have the potential to screw up or make your career! You aren’t going to die. Next time, prepare!

Ultimately, you need to always keep in mind, whatever it’s for – career changing, business changing, even life changing – you’re not going to die, it may well not be as bad as you think it will be, and next time – prepare!

Some of these tips have been taken from a post I wrote over on CityAM, you can view the full post here.

If you’re reading this and looking for someone to help with that speech preparation, give me a call: +44 777 550 4299 or email: peter@peterbotting.com.

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